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Phone Post: Lunchtime!

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“(See below.)”

Transcribed by: bessyboo

(background noise)

mollymidnight: I am under orders to record something...lalalalala...yogurt!

(bessyboo says something incomprehensible in background)

mollymidnight: I'm not giving it back now, this is fun! OK, wow...

bessyboo (in background): Well say something!

mollymidnight: Something. No. OK...

bessyboo (in background): Molly!

mollymidnight: I have decided that Bess must read Underwater Light, because it is good, even if it isn't finished, and Snermione's...dull.

bessyboo (in background): Molly.

mollymidnight: I'm bored now. Here you are, Bess.

bessyboo: OK. Yes, um, so we're at lunch, and we're bored, so we're making a phone post because...I have a new cell phone which is awesome, so, here! Alex, say something!

moonling (in background): No!

bessyboo: OK, Alex doesn't--Molly wants to say something again.

mollymidnight: This is a cell phone, and she's a lucky biotch because my parents are evil and my dad's insecure, so I don't get a cell phone! And...Bess should give me french fries. You should all tell Bess to give me french fries!

bessyboo (in background): No, no french fries for you.

mollymidnight: Yes! French fries!

bessyboo (in background): No! ...Molly? Molly? MOLLY?! Give me the phone!

mollymidnight: No! I like the cell phone! It's blue and shiney!

bessyboo (in background): Molly.

mollymidnight: Bess.

bessyboo (in background): Molly.

mollymidnight: Noo! Ahhh!

bessyboo: ...Alright, that's it, then.
Tags: phone post

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