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Oy...Long Day...

*sigh* This has been a looooooooooong day, purple-eyed creatures.

First, I get up WAY too early (OK, early for ME...) then, I wait for ten minutes for the bus...without a coat...then, when the bus finally comes, there's nowhere to sit, so I sit with some sixlet(a sixth grader, for you stupid people out there)...after I actually get to school, I barley make it to homebase, where we do absolutely NOTHING...then there's band, where we have a stupid sub who doesn't know anything...we didn't sound very good...then I go to geography, which is boring, then science, which is completely revolting(he made us smell different working groups, or whatever, and most of them were was literally the smell of vomit(like, the acid that's in vomit)...) then I have lunch (oh goody, right after such a nice science class), where nothing much happens, then I have english which is totally dull...then math, where we have a quiz (like math doesn't suck enough already!)...then french, which is stupid...then art which is OK...then I wait with Midnight and Aviria for a city bus...without a coat (again)...then it takes forever to get to the Resource Center, and we're squished...then nothing much happens at the Resource Center, besides Midnight's mom being late...then Aviria's dad drives me home...then I get home, and get yelled at by my mom about homework...then I come upstairs and do mes devoirs de francais...then I write this.

So...there's my crappyful day.

Tags: jr. high really sucks, oh woe is me, tales of my riveting life

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