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I just realized that as of yesterday (er, technically speaking, two days ago; it's 1 AM), I have had an online journal for a year. Wow. That's impressive (for me). I didn't say LiveJournal, because whenever I switched blog sites, I transferred all my old journal entries with me. If you go back and look at my archive, everything from before February 24th was actually originally posted on either Diary-X, or Diaryland (or both).

I've also come quite a ways in blogging. When I first started, I was utterly pathetic. (The fact that I was dating Alien Boy might have been a clue...) Since then, I've matured a bit (thankfully)...

When I came from Diaryland, I had 11 normal entries, pluss a "Quizzes!" entry. Since then, I've added a "Memes!" entry, as well as 110 normal entries. (Those numbers shocked the shit out of me when I found them out, BTW...)

So. Consider this entry a tribute to me having a blog for a year.

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