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The Doodles of Bessyboo


7/27/04 12:38 pm - Quizzies

World of Oceans
Waves, sand, seashells... you are an ocean dweller.
You are thoughtful and very sweet to your
friends, but unforgiving and imposing to those
you think little of.

Which Other World Are You Secretly From?
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Snake Daemon
Your SNAKE DAEMON shows that you are dangerous,
clever, and disconcert others with your
effortless power. You function best when left
to yourself, as other people's minds work too
slowly for your liking.

What Animal Would Your Daemon Settle As?
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The Ultimate Sorting Hat Quiz
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Therian: You are human, more or less, but you have
very strong emotion ties to the wolf, and you
share a common spiritual bond with the entire
lupine species.

What Breed of Werewolf are You? (Images)
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Big Cat Furry
Big Cat Furry (leopard, puma, cheetah, panther. ART
COPYRIGHT TO: www.redpanda.com (Sara Palmer)

What Kind of Furry Are You? (with lovely images)
brought to you by Quizilla
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