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Hello, non-existent little purple-eyed creatures that are living under my radiator and are probably the only ones who are actually reading this! Hehehe. Seriously, I really doubt anyone will want to read this, but just in case, I'll try to update regularly.'s summertime (duh), and I just got back from a HUGE roadtrip with my family that lasted three weeks. THREE WEEKS!!! Ugh. 15 days stuck in the car, unable to escape the wrath of the evil...(::gasp::)DEVON!!! (my little sister) She is SO obnoxious sometimes. ::sigh:: Well, only five more years 'till I can leave for college...

The upside of the trip was that we spent a week in New York City! Yeah! (::does happy dance::) We also went to Niagra Falls, and Door County, Wisconsin. We were only in Niagra Falls for one day, but it was pretty fun. We did the 'Journey Under the Falls' and all got totally soaked. Door County was okay, but the cottage we stayed in was in the middle of the woods, and the outside of it was completely infested with Daddy Long Legs. Seriously. It was disgusting. ::shiver:: I'm very arachniphobic.

Anyhoo, now I'm home. I'm pretty glad. Obviously, so are [Midnight Muse](one of my best friends) and [Alien Boy](my boyfriend). They're both stuck at home this summer, and from what I can tell, bored out of their minds. We got together yesterday at the library, and I'm having a sleepover with [MidnightMuse] tonight.

Welp, I'm rambling now. I should go.


Tags: "alien boy", old code names make me laugh, summer vacation, things have changed for me

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