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Bastard Benda and The Boy Friend...

Hi purple-eyed creatures! Don't look so shocked, it's just an update! LOL

Anyhoo, guess what? I CAN'T SLEEP AGAIN! But hey, what's new for an insomniac like me? shtuff...

Well, ya see how down there in the last entry I mentioned [Porcupine Head] and I hung up the mikes for the play during fourth and fifth periods that day? Well, we're both in the specialfull advanced fifth period math class, so we missed math that day. And, BB ([Bastard B], the evil possesed math teacher!), being his usual possesed self, gave us both detentions for missing his class. And this is AFTER we give him our passes, which are TOTALLY VALID, AND (ya ready for this?) [Mrs. L](the Theater Arts teacher who's also in charge of Tech Crew) went and talked to him about it, explaining that she sent us, and the passes really were valid and blahty blahty blah! Jeeze. And he still wouldn't take the detentions back. Evil bastard (thus the nickname). Murgh, getting me pissed all over...

NEW TOPIC: er....hmm...Ah! Our performances of The Boy Friend were the week before last. They went very well. So far as I can tell, it was one of the best received plays ever done by our school. The little kids were even swarming some of the actors for autographs! Heh. That was a funny scene...I must have mentioned this before, but I was the Stage Manager. That was pretty OK, but it was basically just a huge Tech assignment (I ran both the sound and lighting).

Hmmm...([Midnightmuse]-is this enough of an update for you?)well, can't think of anything else, purple-eyed creatures! See ya!


Tags: i talk about geno too much, i was meant for the stage, insomnia, jr. high really sucks, old code names make me laugh, techies do it better, things have changed for me

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