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In French class...

Hey, purple-eyed creatures.

I'm actually typing this in French class (finished my stupid email ages ago). The annoying boy next to me, [Elroy], is rattling on about something or the other. Whatever.

Let's see...updates...

Well, if you look at my guestbook, someone named Stelvani signed it. If you've read Aviria's diary, she talks about someone called Spencer. He's the same person. I'll call him Stel. We're making a website together, and he just asked me out recently. I feel sorry for him, 'cause I turned him down, but things have been relatively normal since then, so that's good.

The play [The Boy Friend] is really coming along. [Porcupine Head](Remember, annoying boy from my math class? He's the Head Techie, and I'm the Assitant Head Techie.) and I hung up the mikes on the stage during 4th and 5th periods today (I'm in 6th right now). We have to stay 'till 8 PM tonight for practice (>.<).

Blah. Well, not much more to say.


PS More to come on me and Stel's website...

Tags: i talk about geno too much, i was meant for the stage, in school, jr. high really sucks, oh the drama, old code names make me laugh, techies do it better, things have changed for me

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