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Sorry! (*ducks rotton produce*)

Hey purple-eyed creatures, sorry I kinda died for a while. Yah, I know, I know, I shoulda updated sooner, but then again, it's not like anyone besides you purple-eyed creatures are reading this, so who cares?

Welp, school's well underway ::huge siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh::... I'm dunno, I guess I'll just go through my classes...

Band is, well, Band. That is, Band with [Mr. R]. God, that guy is scary sometimes...

School Service is cool. [Mrs. W's] my assigned teacher, and I'm doing it with [Stel's Cousin], and we don't do much other than run errands or study, so that's cool.

Debate is super super cool. I tried to take it last year, but they wouldn't let the sevies :-(. No matter, I got to take it this year, and it's really fun. I'm actually suppossed to be doing my case for Debate right now, but I'm, er...procrastinating...again...ho hum...Anyhoo...

Us eighth graders have Chemistry and Physics with the legendary...[Dr. B] (duhnduhnduh...) That's not too bad though. He's not quite as scary as he's made out to be, but he's still pretty scary.

Lunch is, uh, duh, Lunch!

World Geography I'm not so sure about. [Mr. S] is OK, but he's not great. And the class is pretty boring with just a lot of tedious work and not a lot of learning. So I'm not quite sure yet. Definately NOT my favorite class or teacher, though.

Math is being its usual bitchy self, and so is [Mr. B]. God, I LOATH THAT MAN!!!!!! RRRrrr...he just makes my blood boil...::glares at screen:: But whatever, mostly what I do during class anyway is argue with [Porcupine Head](the guy who sits next to me) and sometimes [Logic Boy](the guy who sits behind me) about mostly [Porcupine Head's] twisted logic (Like for instance, he says Math is cheese. We were going nowhere in the argument, and so I appealed to [Mr. B], who then pointed to one of his posters, and said, "Well, that poster says Math is Power, and there are those commercials on TV that say 'The Power of Cheese', so yes, I suppose you could say Math is Cheese." Since then, this argument has expanded to include [The Neanderthal], [Big Foot Boy], and several other boys who sit near us. [Big Foot Boy] has an annoying habit of 'Keeping Score', and it seems that everyday, without doing anything, I go down in points and [Mr. B] goes up. Last time I checked, it was 11 to -6. Anyway, enough of this twisted logic crap!)

Frech isn't great, but it's a huge improovement from last year. We have to Frech teacher who time share, and I really like one and really hate one. The one I really hate ([Mme S]) is five months pregnant, and is gonna be gone starting February (::silent cheers::) and then it'll probably be just [Mme D] or [Mme D] and a sub. Either way, it's WAY better than having [Mme S] around half the time.

I absolutely adore Theater Arts. Basically all it is is a fancy name for the class that does the Musical every year. At the end of last year, when we signed up for the class, we got together and voted on a musical to put on. "The Boy Friend" won, so that's what we're putting on. Also, [Mrs. L] recently decided on Student Director, Stage Manager, and Coreography team out of all the people who signed up for them, and I got Stage Manager! So that makes me happy. Yeah...

Uh, that's about it...I'll try to update more often, but no guarentees, because I'm really busy with school work.



Tags: i talk about geno too much, i was meant for the stage, jr. high really sucks, old code names make me laugh, things have changed for me

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