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TIN and personality crap...

Salut, purple-eyed creatures.

Let's see...

I took the enneagram thing M had in her journal. Got:


Interesting. I just looked at the list of other "Acheivers", and they're, like, all actors and politicians and stuff. Hmm.


MANDY BROCKLEHURST IS LESBIAN! I'm pretty sure. In fact, I'm almost positive. Which is...well, intersting. There are quite a few gay guys in TIN, but now there's finally a lesbian girl. She and Terry were talking about transferring to Hufflepuff. Hee. They're pretty funny...

Terry: My god, it's a multilingual tour of things I'm entirely certain I couldn't give less of a damn about.

I'm sure it will get better. It always does. Or something to that tune.

Mandy: ... I think Abbott is rubbing off on you.

But thanks.

Terry: I think that's the most frightening idea I've heard in almost forever.

Mandy: All apologies, and know I meant it jokingly.

Certain things are impossible.

Terry: All apologies. Fitting.

And thank the nonexistant Gods.

Mandy: All apologies, and know I meant it jokingly.

Certain things are impossible.

Terry: All apologies. Fitting.

And thank the nonexistant Gods.

Mandy: You can't help but admire humour more for it's darker elements, can you? (The you general, not the you specific.)

Terry: It works exactly as well for the specific 'you' actually.

What else can I write?

Mandy: True enough.

You seem to have some interesting things to say to Anthony.

Terry: He's had a whole mess of interesting things to say to me for...oh, just over two months now.

Mandy: Did I miss something? Or was it just one of those personality conflicts?

Terry: You might have. It doesn't seem to have spilled over onto you, however. Well, other than all this.

Mandy: Which is why I do love Ravenclaw... we're sensible with our conflicts.

Terry: Also means we're better at backstabbing in the most sensible way.

Mandy: I honestly haven't noticed a lot of that.

Unintentional wounding, sure, but not outright backstabbing.

Of course, I tend to bury myself in mounds of paperwork and speak French for hours on end, so I may have missed it.

Terry: I'm not entirely certain how much you may have missed, if more was happening. We're usually more subtle than that, as well as sensible.

I'm seriously considering seeing if it's possible to transfer into Hufflepuff.

Mandy: Well, I'm at least glad I'm not that oblivious.

... Terry, please go see Madam Pomfrey right now. You're talking about becoming a Hufflepuff. You. You clearly have some sort of fever.

Terry: It's for the best.

And it was a passing fancy, I suppose. I'd be murdering people before the week was up. Would have it's

Fuck it.

Would have it's advantages, however.

Mandy: Somehow I think murder would get you named SPOTW again.

... I can see that. I had some thoughts along that line myself.

Though not Hufflepuff way.

Terry: Somehow, I think that being SPOTW again would be followed by another murder.

And I think I am off, anyway. Far too tired for the moment. Long day.

Mandy: Rest well.

Terry: I will try.


Oh, fuck. Talking with Stel. More later...


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