September 23rd, 2019

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here it goes here it goes here it goes again (duh nuh nah nuh nuh)

Something something I'm very tired and you know the drill by now.

Usual spiel: HI, I'M THE MOD, SO THIS IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL ASSIGNMENTS. I know who you are! You'll have super special submission instructions! BUT I don't know what you're making me, and I can't wait to hear it *thumbs up emoji*

Here are the fandoms I'm interested in receiving podfic of for this exchange this year (no actual order of preference):

Buzzfeed Unsolved: I am still in BFU! I am less mono-fannishly focused on it this year but I am definitely still in it. What I said last year still goes: gimme that sweet sweet Ryan/Shane—or, for extra bonus points, Ryan/Shane/Sara OT3333333. Gimme TROPES, gimme FEELS, gimme them bickering and being dumb and having at least one (1) whole Feeling. I’m VERY about that slap-slap-kiss and Vitriolic Best Buds vibe; I am less interested in heavy angst here, generally.

Unfortunately, this fandom DOES come with some caveats to keep in mind. Please be sure to read my religion triggers down below in their entirety if you’re podficcing this fandom for me. Given that, there are three broad categories of fics to avoid for me in this fandom:
  • Demon!Shane. This one is dicey, because I’m not INHERENTLY opposed to this concept (although it doesn’t necessarily do a lot for me either), and I even enjoy some of them! But anything that draws too heavily from Christian mythology in a deliberate and/or plot-important way is a no-go. If you want to avoid this issue entirely, just steer clear of all demon!Shane stuff.
  • Anything with strong overtones of Christianity. For simplicity’s sake, just avoid everything that’s all about Angels And Demons, or journeying through literal Hell, or Father Thomas, or whatever.
  • Non-believer being forced/converted into a believer. This one can also be tricky, because it’s frequently hard to get around dealing with Shane’s reaction in stories that involve supernatural elements being An Actual Thing. It’s also tricky because this is actually the one most likely to genuinely trigger me REALLY badly. The best way to tell with this one is if it’s A Thing that is made a big deal of or is somehow The Point Of The Fic, vs it being a thing that happens incidentally/is just a plot catalyst, is acknowledged, and then moved past.

All that aside, when all is said and done, I’m sure I will be very happy with whatever you come up with in this fandom that is tropey and/or fluffy and/or ~romantic~ :)

Star Wars: As time wears on and we approach the Rise of Skywalker release, my Fucks To Give in this fandom continue to wind down and down and down into steadily higher negative numbers of fucks so screw it, the thing that I want rn here is the Reylo and I know I'm probably not gonna get it but I am going to ask. Caveat Time!! I prefer Rey to still have agency/largely be the one in control where possible, I’m not about that shit that’s written by the teenies who would’ve been writing Twilight fic if it was a decade ago. (And also, lbr, l m f a o as if Kylo Ren isn’t the subbiest sub to ever sub.) I also highly prefer for them to still have that good good foe!yay aspect (at least to start), GIMME DAT HATESEX. UNLESS you’re literally giving me the “they’re siblings who were raised together” AU, in which case, *grabbyhands*. I actually really like AUs—or non-AUs—with these two that deal with The Skywalker Legacy somehow. I have Many Feelings about Rey viewing Han & Leia as her Adopted Parents (if they aren't her actual parents in the fic); I especially have feelings about Han's relationship with Rey, and the more interaction there is in general between Rey and the Skywalker clan, the better. (Accordingly, I'd really prefer fic that doesn't demonize the OT trio.) I hate Hux, please no side Kylux. I insta-fail out of anything involving the phrase "Rey Kenobi". Extremely all of the bonus points for Ahsoka cameos, or AUs where Anakin and/or Padme show up. Also bonus points for any modern AUs where the Skywalker-Solo-Organas are Jewish. I assume I shouldn't have to say it but like, fuck all of the fic that's racist and gross about Finn and Poe and portrays them as ~bad friends~ to Rey or whatever, HARDEST OF FUCK AND NOS. Idk, here’s some fics for this ship I actually liked:

Dolan Twins RPF: I would say "this is embarassing" but I just spent many paragraphs detailing my preferences in Reylo so like, look, this is where we are. Most of this fandom is unreadable garbage but [ profile] Spinninginthedark writes very good stuff. I'm literally only here for the INTENSE FEELINGSY ANGSTY FUCKED UP GOOD twincest, so I have zero interest in AUs where they're not related. (Also, they...have the same face???? Making them unrelated feels EXTRA weird, moreso than other incest ships where people do that.) So if the 'cest is not your jam, obviously pass on this one.

The Social Network RPF: I recently fell back into this thanks to a TSN rewatch with my roommates who had never seen it, and I was reminded how shockingly little podfic there was relative to the amount of very good fic there was for this RPF fandom. PLS JUST GIVE ME GOOD TROPEY ANDREW/JESSE THNXXXXXXXX (pssst, harriet_vane has blanket permission)

Life With Derek: Ahhhhhh, my poor dead Forever Fandom. At this point I largely feel like with LWD that I’m just yelling, “he was a boy, she was his stepsister, can I make it aaaaany more oooobbbbbvious” into the void, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Is it Actual Readable Derek/Casey? I’m not terribly fucking picky, it’s kinda hard to go wrong in this fandom. As in previous years, [ profile] unoriginal_liz is my go-to author rec for The Good Stuff.

December edit: I am also absolutely accepting treats for Bon Appétit RPF, I AM HERE FOR ALL UR BRAD/CLAIRE EVERYTHING, I’M HAPPILY ROLLING AROUND IN THIS DELIGHTFUL NEW DUMPSTER, I can’t get over how very Married they are


A thing you should know: I AM RIDICULOUSLY OTP-ISH. I am not very likely to like something if it's not about one of my OTPs, because I suck like that. I'm really easy about rating—G to REALLY REALLLLLY PORNY is fine (although I usually prefer *some* plot :P), as long as it's *shippy*. Please note that this means that gen is not usually something I read, and even more rarely something I love. I'm not generally interested in OT3s or moresomes unless they're specifically indicated as A Thing I Ship.

Beyond all that, some things I like in general ("Green Light"):
  • AUs of all kinds—high school/college, coffee shop, meta (characters participate in fandom), (insert-profession-here), etc. Lawyer AUs have a special place in my heart, in particular. (I'm less crazy about the vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc. type, although there are some exceptions.)
  • fusions—the Nine-Nine goes to Hogwarts! The Padres in Pitch are Jedi! EVERYONE HAS DAEMONS! (oh my god I LOVE DAEMON FIC) Anything like that!
  • recasts—You've Got Mail with Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald! One Fine Day featuring Zach Parise and Ryan Suter! etc.
  • genderswap, especially always-a-girl but also turned-into-a-girl
  • incest, also stepcest (siblings only, NO cross-generational, but MAN AM I INTO SIBLING INCEST) ((especially twincest)) (((this is a surprise to like literally no one who follows me on twitter)))
  • kidfic
  • domesticity/curtain fic
  • accidental marriage/"woke up married"
  • don't realize they're dating
  • pretending to be dating or married
  • coming out/getting outed
  • outside POV of OTP's relationship
  • soulbonding
  • bickering, competitiveness, possessiveness, jealousy (but not in an emotionally manipulative or abusive way)

Some things that are iffy for me/potential squicks ("Yellow Light"):
  • as previously stated, gen—it CAN be fine, but it's not really what I'm here for, so it's probably better to avoid it
  • large (>5 years) age gaps—none of the ships I've listed have this (I always forget most of my Star Wars ships definitely have this, but it’s fine there, I know what the deal is in those cases & am fine with it, maybe just don’t choose fic that is like, ESPECIALLY kinking on that?? I mean unless it’s that one Reylo fic that’s a zillion words long and starts with them basically growing up together & calling each other big brother/little sister, but then puberty happens to Rey and it’s awkward for everyone and when they eventually get married everyone just pretends like he absolutely didn’t used to tell people she was his kid sister and she definitely didn’t tell her high school boyfriends that she wouldn’t let her very intimidating older brother beat them up and actually I think all I’m saying here is incest kink >>> age difference squick, although now that I’m thinking about it I think Sara & Ryan are actually five years younger than Shane? I honestly forget that, why the fuck has no one written me the stepbrothers AU I truly deserve in that fandom, wow I’m sorry guys it’s late and I’m digressing real bad), and I'd really really prefer if you didn't pick something that created an artificial age gap where there wasn't one previously (NOTE that this is BORDERLINE trigger DEPENDING ON HOW IT'S HANDLED and may belong below, but it's not "hard-and-fast", so. It's SUPER SUPER dependent on the dynamics and if it doesn't "feel right" I fail out REALLY FAST.)
  • non-happy endings—I am totally fine with angst or h/c etc., even a lot of it! But ONLY IF A HAPPY ENDING IS INVOLVED OK
  • character death—this is SUPER IFFY and dependent upon who dies, really, but if it's anyone I listed in my ship list, it's a no-go; death of OCs or minor canon characters generally ok though
  • BDSM or D/s themes—I'm REALLY REALLY picky about this and when it doesn't work for me it is squicky, so PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION, BEST TO AVOID
  • semi-related to the above, but I'm generally really not into power differential stuff—this shouldn't generally be an issue for the above ships, but I feel I should mention it anyway (please no teacher/student, etc.)
  • dub-con & non-con—not specifically triggery for me, but nearly never something I actively enjoy in fic; if it's something that's there FOR A GOOD REASON then ok, but I don't generally like it
  • A/B/O
  • memory loss in which the person who has lost their memories doesn't regain them by the end of the fic (as long as they get them back it's fine)
  • apocalypse/dystopia fic—really not my thing, and ESPECIALLY MORE THAN EVER not my thing now given the state know, the political everything

Absolute, hard-and-fast triggers ("Red Light"):
  • animal death/harm
  • severe arachnophobia—mentions of a spider on the wall = ok, graphic description of a tarantula crawling up someone's arm = not ok
  • survival/stuck in the wilderness
  • Christmas. This one is. Uh. I realize the irony of RUNNING A GIFT EXCHANGE WITH REVEALS ON CHRISTMAS and then telling people "I don't want gifts that are Christmas-related," but, here we are. My relationship with Christmas is...complicated. In the bad way. If you make a gift for me that contains Happy Christmas Festivities, I'm sure I will very much enjoy April. I just probably won't be able to listen to it before March or so, and that's kind of a bummer.

Okay. Let's talk religion.

My religious triggers stem from being Jewish and Atheist and growing up in a very very Christian place, and so they pretty much divide into three Types Of Thing:
  1. Strong Christian Themes. It'd be hard to exist in American society and have a problem with LITERALLY ANY MENTION of Christianity, but any stories that are too heavily steeped in either specifically Christian religious experiences/practice, OR Christian mythology are what's going to go over the line here. To give you an idea of where that line is, I have a few examples—first, Supernatural. Anything that’s roughly equivalent to Supernatural S1-3, you should be in the clear; equivalent to Supernatural S4+ is a big thumbs down. Anything like The Good Place is also a-ok! For in-fandom examples (all BFU), Precious metals is totally fine; A Ghoul’s Guide to Life, Death, & Afterliving surprised me with a third act left turn into SUDDEN CHRISTIANITY (much like Supernatural, fuck you forever Erik Kripke) and thus was not fine. I haven’t even attempted The Bonded Series based on what I’ve been told about the world building in it.
  2. Religious Proselytizing. This is pretty straightforward—is someone trying to convince or convert someone to a different religion? Skip that fic.
  3. Non-Believers Being Forced/Convinced/Converted Into Believing. This one is....hard. It can sometimes be hard to identify and sometimes it's unavoidable but actually okay. I think on this I'm gonna just give you examples, and if you need further specific direction, consult forzandopod (listed below). This fic triggered me worse than anything else I’ve consumed in, fuck, years. It was fine until the very end, and then it fucked me up for nearly a whole day. Contrast that with this, where a supernatural thing happens, they’re like “this is weird”, and then they just keep going. I still haven’t really decided how I feel about this—I think it made me uncomfortable and vaguely dissociate??? But I couldn’t tell you why???????

As a corollary to the above religion stuff, navel-gazey contemplations of Midwestern cultural stuff can sometimes brush up against/combine with my religion stuff in an unpleasant way. They're not that common, but (going back to Hockey RPF, which was FULL of this) if you want an example of a fic that is a great summation of Exactly My Religion Triggers, go read this fic I guess. Something like this fic is fine. (I mean, at least in terms of Midwestern cultural references. That fic is patently ridiculous, but like, it’s just Be writing her id in a way that just makes me laugh at her so that’s fine.)

I know I've talked a lot about what I don't like but really, if it's a fun, happy story that YOU enjoy with one of the pairings listed above, I am almost surely going to be happy :D Lastly, if you have any questions, [personal profile] forzandopod/[ profile] forzandopod has preread for me in BFU, and should especially have a pretty fine-tuned sense of what is/isn't okay religion-trigger-wise in that fandom. [ profile] queelez/[ profile] queelez has a pretty good idea of my general fic taste and is your go-to on Star Wars stuff specifically. If you have general questions, you can also feel free to run them through my co-mod [ profile] vworpvworp, and if he can't answer them he can properly redirect them. YAY AND THANK YOU \o/

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