October 5th, 2015

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#itpe letter 5X

Holy shitballs. Five years. When C and I started this exchange I was barely legal to drink. What the shit. Wow. ANYWAY, okay...

I'm...oh my god, I'm so predictable and boring??? WOW. I should probably be embarrassed by the percentage of this letter that gets copy/pasted every year. Oh well. Here we go.

Right, first part: HI, I'M THE MOD, SO THIS IS A LITTLE DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL ASSIGNMENTS. I know who you are! You'll have super special submission instructions! BUT I don't know what you're making me, and I can't wait to hear it :)

I've been in a metric fuckton of fandoms over the years, but here are the fandoms and ships I'm really feeling podfic-wise for this exchange this year:

Hockey RPF: I've essentially retreated into my little Minnesota Wild corner as far as hockey fandom goes, and the ships I'm interested in there are Zucker/Kuemper and Parise/Suter. Because you're probably not familiar with the former, here is my two-line primer from last year: Adorable giant baby goalie. Tiny douchey Jewish American winger. Height difference. And hugs. They were the two members of the bb Wild who bounced between the AHL & NHL last yeara couple years ago, so there's narrative there. I am happy to report that since my 2013 ITPE letter, I have successfully bullied a number of my friends into writing fic about them (although [personal profile] mardia's doesn't really count because she is a terrible person who likes to make me cry). Also one of them is written by me--nearly everyone there has BP. HEY IF YOU PODFIC THE WILD, THEY HAVE AUDIO FILES OF ALL OF THE PLAYERS FROM LAST YEAR PRONOUNCING THEIR NAMES!!! (Except Kuemper, and Harding, for some reason, but you can hear how Darcy's name is said + how he talks here.)

(OF NOTE: other Wild ships I enjoy include Nino/Granlund, Coyle/Brodin, and Dumba/Brodin. Zucker/Kuemper/Coyle = ok, Zucker/Coyle straight-up = REALLY REALLY NOT OK for a number of reasons I don't want to get into here.)

Baseball RPF: Minnesota Twins, Mauer/Morneau—this is my sad tragic sports RPF forever OTP which like literally no one online cares about but me and like 4 local fangirls who indulgently let me scream at them about this, BUT this article is literally a primer of everything you need to know about them, and there is pretty much one single quality fic for them of any substance and it's this.

DCU: Tim/Kon. Oh man, Tim/Kon. I'm constantly like "omg I'M HAVING A TIM/KON FEELS RENAISSANCE" but honestly, I am in a state of PERPETUAL Tim/Kon Feels Renaissance. AND THERE IS ALMOST NO PODFIC. It's tragic. Seriously, give me (pre-New 52 reboot, preferably not oppressively angsty) Tim/Kon podfic and I'll love you forever.

The Flash: BARRY/IRIS 5EVER, THE LACK OF GOOD FIC ABOUT THEM IS TRAGIC. I have so many feelings about how Barry Allen is a puppy dog who is just SO! IN! LOVE! WITH! HIS! ADOPTED! SISTER! *clutches face and rolls around on the floor in pseudocest feels*

Of note for this one: I'm not actually particularly interested in AUs that aren't like, branching canon or whatever here, because a large portion of the appeal to me for this is superpowers + pseudocest, so if you remove one of those—preferably the superpowers—then okay, but both, nah.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: FUCK I AM SO FANNISH ABOUT PERALTA/SANTIAGO RN, IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY, THEY ARE LIKE MY WHOLE WORLD RN, I'M BASICALLY ALL HEARTEYES OVER THEM EVERY GODDAMN SUNDAY. There is totally a decent amount of good fic for them, and almost none of it is podficced.

Life With Derek: THIS IS MY FOREVER SHIP, FUCK MY FUCKING LIFE, IT'S SO SAD, AND YET. I WILL SHIP DEREK/CASEY TO THE END OF TIME, I WILL DIE ON THIS HILL, PUT IT ON MY FUCKIN TOMBSTONE. I am the only person who has made podfic in this fandom, and I've only made 3, and 2 of those were specifically written for me to podfic, so there's a HUGE amount of untapped potential in Good Fics That You Can Podfic here. (Don't forget [fanfiction.net profile] unoriginal-elizabeth over at the Pit of Voles, who actually has some of the best LWD fic out there, and hasn't xposted most of it to AO3.)

Billy & Billie: Okay, so you know how Casey/Derek from Life With Derek is my Forever Ship? Billy & Billie is kind of like Derek and Casey All Grown Up. ...Actually it's more like someone reached into my motherfucking SOUL and pulled this TV show out of it. HAS ANYONE EVEN FUCKING WRITTEN FIC FOR THIS??? (They haven't. I have a google alert on this show. I have read every word on every forum of the entire internet that exists about this show. I have read the ENTIRETY OF THE IMDB MESSAGE BOARDS FOR THIS SHOW. These are the depths of my fishbowling desperation. But like. Just in case someone posts fic between now and whenever your drop-dead podficcing deadline is: I WANT IT. I NEED IT. PLEASE, OH MY GOD.)

A thing you should know: I AM RIDICULOUSLY OTP-ISH. I am not very likely to like something if it's not about one of my OTPs, because I suck like that. I'm really easy about rating--G to REALLY REALLLLLY PORNY is fine (although I usually prefer *some* plot :P), as long as it's *shippy*. Please note that this means that gen is not usually something I read, and even more rarely something I love. I'm not generally interested in OT3s or moresomes unless they're specifically indicated as A Thing I Ship.

Beyond all that, some things I like in general ("Green Light"):

  • AUs of all kinds--high school/college, coffee shop, meta (characters participate in fandom), (insert-profession-here), etc. (less crazy about the vampire/werewolf/zombie/etc. type, although there are exceptions obvs)
  • fusions--the Nine-Nine goes to Hogwarts! The bb Wild operate an illegal salvage ship in the Firefly/Serenity universe! EVERYONE HAS DAEMONS! (oh my god I LOVE DAEMON FIC) Anything like that!
  • recasts--You've Got Mail with Derek Venturi and Casey MacDonald! One Fine Day featuring Zach Parise and Ryan Suter! etc.
  • genderswap, especially always-a-girl but also turned-into-a-girl
  • incest, also stepcest (siblings only, NO cross-generational, but MAN AM I INTO SIBLING INCEST) ((especially twincest)) (((this is a surprise to like literally no one who follows me on twitter)))
  • kidfic
  • domesticity/curtain fic
  • accidental marriage/"woke up married"
  • don't realize they're dating
  • pretending to be dating or married
  • coming out/getting outed
  • outside POV of OTP's relationship
  • soulbonding
  • bickering, competitiveness, possessiveness, jealousy (but not in an emotionally manipulative or abusive way)

Some things that are iffy for me/potential squicks ("Yellow Light"):

  • as previously stated, gen--it CAN be fine, but it's not really what I'm here for, so it's probably better to avoid it
  • large (5+ years) age gaps--none of the ships I've listed have this, but I'd really really prefer if you didn't pick something that created an artificial age gap where there wasn't one previously (NOTE that this is BORDERLINE trigger DEPENDING ON HOW IT'S HANDLED and may belong below, but it's not "hard-and-fast", so. It's SUPER SUPER dependent on the dynamics and if it doesn't "feel right" I fail out REALLY FAST.)
  • non-happy endings--I am totally fine with angst or h/c etc., even a lot of it! But ONLY IF A HAPPY ENDING IS INVOLVED OK
  • character death--this is SUPER IFFY and dependent upon who dies, really, but if it's anyone I listed in my ship list, it's a no-go; death of OCs or minor canon characters generally ok though
  • BDSM or D/s themes--I'm REALLY REALLY picky about this and when it doesn't work for me it is squicky, so PROCEED WITH EXTREME CAUTION, BEST TO AVOID
  • semi-related to the above, but I'm generally really not into power differential stuff--this shouldn't generally be an issue for the above ships, but I feel I should mention it anyway
  • dub-con & non-con--not specifically triggery for me, but nearly never something I actively enjoy in fic; if it's something that's there FOR A GOOD REASON then ok, but I don't generally like it
  • A/B/O
  • apocalypse/dystopia fic--really not my thing, I just don't like the idea of the whole world being destroyed (this SORT OF goes along with "non-happy endings", because this is a non-happy ending for the SETTING)

Absolute, hard-and-fast triggers ("Red Light"):

  • animal death/harm
  • severe arachnophobia--mentions of a spider on the wall = ok, graphic description of a tarantula crawling up someone's arm = not ok
  • significant religious themes and/or religious proselytizing--note that this one is very specific and also THE ONE MOST LIKELY to set off a REALLY bad reaction in me, so it's best to avoid altogether, but if you have questions, refer to the people below
  • survival/stuck in the wilderness
  • Christmas. This one is. Uh. I realize the irony of RUNNING A GIFT EXCHANGE WITH REVEALS ON CHRISTMAS and then telling people "I don't want gifts that are Christmas-related," but, here we are. My relationship with Christmas is...complicated. In the bad way. If you make a gift for me that contains Happy Christmas Festivities, I'm sure I will very much enjoy it...in April. I just probably won't be able to listen to it before March or so, and that's kind of a bummer.

I know I've talked a lot about what I don't like but really, if it's a fun, happy story that YOU enjoy with one of the pairings listed above, I am almost surely going to be happy :D Lastly, if you have any questions, [personal profile] bestliar/[twitter.com profile] bestliars can tell you pretty accurately whether I'll like something of the hockey variety. [personal profile] mardia/mardia/[twitter.com profile] themardia should be able to tell you pretty definitively for Life With Derek, The Flash, and B99. [twitter.com profile] whyangiewhy/[twitter.com profile] breakeveryclock generally knows my taste for EVERYTHING and can tell you specifically on religion trigger stuff. If you have general questions, you can also feel free to run them through my co-mod [twitter.com profile] vworpvworp, and if she can't answer them she can properly redirect them. YAY AND THANK YOU \o/

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