November 9th, 2011

pod | let me tell you a story

Getchyer drabbles podficc'd here! PODFIC DRABBLES, FREE OF CHARGE, TODAY ONLY!

The relationship between a podficcer and author can be totally hands off, completely collaborative or anything in between. There are a lot of ways podficcers and authors can help each other, check out pod_aware on LJ or DW for more information.

I originally had something different planned for the Author/Podficcer Relationship day, but my author is in hell week for a play and it didn't happen, SO! BACKUP PLAN!

Write me a drabble (around 300 words or less) in the comments, and I'll post a podfic of it today.

Some info/ideas to get you started: here is a list of fandoms & ships that I'm familiar/comfortable with. If you wanna stray outside this, I'll do my best, but I make no promises as to characterization and such!

If you're not already familiar with my podfics, here's a sample of my voice:

Sample of Bess's Voice for Pod Aware Day 3 by bessyboo
(NOTE: this is 100% completely unedited! IT'S BESS, IN HER RAWEST FORM!)

I tend to do well with peppy characters (Chole from Smallville) and geeky characters prone to freakouts (Casey from Life With Derek, Rodney from SGA), but I can also do melancholy pretty well. These are all just suggestions though--hit me with whatever you've got, I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!

ETA: Thank you for all the drabbles, offer is now closed! 10:50 PM CST 11/09/11

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