August 7th, 2011

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  1. The Basics (Part 1)
  2. The Basics (Part 2)
  3. Base Images
  4. Cut-Outs
  5. Coloring & Contrast
  6. Text
  7. Advanced Techniques: Masks, Blending, etc.
  8. Complete Cover Walkthrough
  9. What makes cover art good or bad? A discussion on composition.

Since there seems to be sufficient interest, I'm going to go ahead with my series of podfic cover tutorials. Note that these same concepts can be applied to a lot of graphics making, although the things I'm going to address are going to be MOST applicable to podfic covers and straight-up fic covers, as well as fanmix covers. (Icons and wallpapers tend to be a little different, but a lot of the technique is the same.)

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So, I'll leave ya'll to play around with your graphics programs, and hopefully see you tomorrow for "The Basics (Part 2)", featuring discussion on layers, anti-aliasing, and other helpful tricks! :)

(Also, if anyone has any specific questions about how I achieved a specific effect with one of my podfic covers, now's the time to ask, so I can work it into a future tutorial!)

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