June 2nd, 2011

dw | never gonna give you up


OMG you guys. So, it's looking like, fingers crossed, we'll hopefully get on this flight tomorrow night. And that gets us into London Heathrow by noonish on Saturday. Which puts us there in enough time to SEE DOCTOR WHO AS IT ACTUALLY AIRS ON THE BBC! \o/ EXCITE! Except, problem. Our reservations for our hotel aren't until the 5th. So we DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO A TELEVISION UNTIL AFTER SATURDAY :((( WOE.

SO, it's favor-asking time. Is anyone in the London area willing to let us come watch Doctor Who with you on Saturday? There's two of us, me and moonlingmaid. I am very friendly, and she forgets to be shy in the face of WHO-INDUCED SQUEE! YOU WOULD MAKE THESE AMERICAN FEN VERY, VERY HAPPY PUPPIES!!! Seriously, we would love you forever. We can bring you, uh, something American? If you let us know by like, Friday afternoon.

Please? ...Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?