May 29th, 2011

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HIGHLY OVERDUE: Charity Podfic #1 of 3

Okay, technically, it's actually charity podfic number TWO of three, but the first one's still in editing, so this one is getting released first. It's for [personal profile] zvi for con_or_bust.

STORYTIME! Once upon a time, Bessy signed up for three fandom charity auctions all in a row, and promised lots of good people podfics, and then her life got crazy and months went by and she still hadn't finished them. And then life got MORE crazy and she went "/o\ I'M SORRY, I'LL GET TO THEM I SWEAR", and finally got one finished and now she is posting it.

And that's the WORST STORYTIME EVAR but yeah, I apparently suck at timely podfic delivery.

BUT I FINALLY GOT ONE DONE, SO HERE IT IS! [personal profile] zvi, thank you for your patience!

Without further ado...

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[personal profile] zvi, I hope you like it and I did your fic justice. Thank you for being so amazingly patient. <3