May 13th, 2011

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I can haz Smallville finale?

So, to start off, I just went, "okay, we're going to make a post in my LJ now about our thoughts on the finale!" and moonlingmaid went, "uh, I think our thoughts are pretty much (*insert her flailing all over my living room here*)".

Which is valid.

SO. Yeah, moonlingmaid came over tonight and we watched the Smallville finale. I have...not actually seen more than like, four full episodes of Smallville? But through both fannish osmosis and moonlingmaid I know pretty much everything that's happened anyway. So when she was like, "yeah, that's on tonight, wanna watch it?" I was like, "SURE!"

And oh god, you guys, there was much facepalming, laughing, and during THAT ONE SCENE (if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about), there was much clutching and flailing and squealing.

So here are our thoughts about it, typed out by me, with random input from moonlingmaid. Be warned of stream-of-consciousness?

The recap at the beginning was surprisingly thorough, and A squeed much and approved of the Lex clips included. She says it succeeded in making her nostalgic, and also included enough to sufficiently let me, a non-viewer of ANY of it, get a good sense of what I needed know. Well enough, anyway.

OKAY, CAN WE TALK ABOUT OLLIE'S LINE, "I burned a perfectly good leather hoodie." ...let me repeat that phrase for you. PERFECTLY. GOOD. LEATHER. HOODIE. Let me call to attention the fact that THESE TWO PHRASES ARE MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. Perfectly good. Leather hoodie. My epic lulz can not be expressed. A and I legitimately started laughing so hard at that, we missed a bunch of the following dialogue and then were like, "wait wait what's happening now?" Not that we, you know, cared. BECAUSE LEATHER HOODIE.

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So there are our Smallville thoughts. IN CONCLUSION: lol Smallville. Yup.