April 24th, 2011

misc | have some hate for the holidays

Happy Zombie Jesus Day! If you can sit through all my ramblings, you get podfic at the end, I swear.

I was going to do a post squeeing about yesterday's Doctor Who, but then I realized that I basically got all my squee out with moonlingmaid and queelez yesterday when they came over to watch the episode with me (Graham & I definitely were dressed up as Eleven & River, it was pretty sweet). So I shall summarize: IT WAS AWESOME. And very Moffat-y. The end.

Have some thoughts about Easter, instead.

So, unlike, say, Valentine's Day (BOO) or Halloween (YAY), I actually have no strong feelings on Easter. My feelings about it basically consist of:
  • Yay, I automatically get the day off work! \o/ (The store is closed.)

  • general bemusement at the idea of "Easter Decorations" (I just don't get it)

  • lolololol Zombie Jesus omg that is an actual holiday, OH CHRISTIANITY haha I don't even WHUT, lololololol...

Growing up in an Atheistic Jewish household, the only actual Easter tradition we had was that my dad would take me and my sister to Camp Snoopy. Sometimes they had an "egg hunt trail" thing there where we would get candy. I would go on the Ripsaw way too many times, my tiny sister would go on the Paul Bunyon Log Ride and get a slightly manic grin to go with her soaking clothes. It was fun.

And it took child!me an embarrassingly long time to realize that Easter was Actually A Thing, and not just like, another federal holiday like Veteran's Day, which Had A Name but did not actually affect my daily routines, aside from maybe a few people acknowledging it, since going to Camp Snoopy wasn't exactly exclusive to Easter.

SO! This means that nowadays, I often forget that Easter = other people cannot hang out, because they have actual Family Traditions, and I can't actually run errands or anything, since pretty much everywhere is CLOSED. Whoops.

After I woke up today, when I saw my roommate (who I met because he is the son of my mom's friend from our religious congregation), this was our conversation:

ME: (mostly sarcastically) "*throws arms up* Happy Zombie Jesus Day!"
HIM: "Huh?"
ME: "Happy Zombie Jesus Day? It's Easter?"
HIM: "Oh. Really? Shows how disconnected I am from Christianity."
ME: "...I only really know because I have work off."

Oh, us Jewish Atheists. Haha.


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I think that's it. Enjoy John+Rodney being overheated, and HAPPY ZOMBIE JESUS DAY! :)

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