April 3rd, 2011

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So, I am about to get all podfic-squeeful (oh, I know, something new and different for me!), but FIRST! moonlingmaid, smashfantastic, moonlingmaid's sister and two of her friends and I went to the National Theatre Live production of Frankenstein screened at the Guthrie earlier today, starring--you guessed it--Benedict Fucking Cumberbatch as The Creature (at least, in the production we saw--he and Johnny Lee Miller switch off playing Dr. Frankenstein & The Creature every night).

It was a really great production, really interesting, although it made me realize that it's kind of frustrating for me to not fully be able to see all the technical elements from all the angles that you normally can in live theatre. (No, seriously, I WANNA EXAMINE THAT AMAZEBALLS MAIN LIGHTING ARRAY THAT THEY CLEARLY PUT CRAZY AMOUNTS OF WORK INTO IN PERSON SO BADLY, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW ;_;) As smashfantastic pointed out, it was really interesting to see Cucumberpatch in such an undignified role, after being familiar with him in Sherlock. I mean, he spends the first five minutes of the show writhing around on the stage, trying to learn how to walk, and he doesn't really speak actual words until like 20 minutes in. So that was interesting. (And powerful. He really did an amazing job with the character.) Also, (and lol smashfantastic is going to hit me for bringing this up, BUT) OH MY GOD, the amount of Frankenstein/Creature subtext is kind of staggering. Like, I don't slash them really, because kind of EW! But. Like, we came out of the theatre and BEFORE WE EVEN REACHED THE ESCALATOR moonlingmaid goes, "Yeah, during the last scene, it was kind of like, 'just kiss already!'" So yeah. That happened, and it was cool! (Well, maybe not the subtext bit XD)


So, Amplirecathon, amplificathon's annual podfic rec fest ended last week, and I had a total of three posts:

1. The Cabin of +10 Podfic Discussion (Or, Podfic That Was So Good, We Had To Talk About It Offline)
2. My Safety Pods (aka Podfic: Better Than Prozac)

So in case you missed those, go check out all the awesome podfic links! You shall not be disappointed! (I even got recced in the comments of the last one! o.O Thank you so much, zenodameaccount!!!)

Now, since Amplirecathon is over, do you know what that means it's time for? IT IS AMPLIFICATHON TIME!!!!!!! \o/!!!!!!

It officially starts at midnight, so look for a post from me in *checks clock* 5 hours and 15 minutes with Amplificathon explanations, squeeage, and podfic. *bounces in seat* I CAN'T WAIT GUYS, I'M SO EXCITED :DDDDDD
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HAPPY AMPLIFICATHON!!! Have some rare fandom!podfic :DDD

So it is pretty obvs no secret that I've kind of had podfic on the brain lately. I CAN'T HELP IT YOU GUYS, IT IS JUST THAT AWESOME :DDD

And so naturally I am pretty psyched about this year's amplificathon challenge. It's an annual points-based challenge that is all about improving diversity of fandoms & ships in the podfic community, so what better way for me to kick off my postings than with a previously un-podficced fandom and pairing?

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