October 31st, 2008

misc | it's a curse (believe me)

So apparently, the universe decided that today was Make Bess Feel Awkward Day.

Seriously. First, I get on the 63, and all the way down Grand towards downtown, a creeper sits across from me staring at my breasts. Not exactly an unusual occurrence, but still. It's not exactly pleasant. Then, when I get off at Minnesota and head down to the 6th St stop where I pick up the 50, ANOTHER creeper comes and starts staring down my dress from behind me. I tried shifting and moving a couple times, but it didn't exactly discourage him. THEN, when the 50 finally comes, he GETS ON THE BUS with me. x.x (Luckily, he got off only a few stops later.)

Okay, you say, so there were a couple creepers staring at your boobs. Unfortunate, but not completely unheard-of; after all, they're kind of...out there. >.> But really, I would have been so, SO happy if that was the end of it. But no. The universe decides that the real fun? Has not even STARTED yet.

Because that's when Rick[y] gets on the bus. And notices me. And comes and sits next to me. (Oh, for those of you who know them, did I mention the whole name change thing? They no longer go by Ricky & Steven--they're "Rick" & "Steve" now.)

Now, for those who don't remember "Alien Boy" (and god, I never thought I'd be using THAT tag again!), we dated for sixth months, from the end of seventh grade to the beginning of eighth grade. It...did not end well. (...Okay, so I might have been sort of mean when I broke up with him. MY BAD, alright? >.>) I didn't actually see him for YEARS after jr. high, since he went to high school with aviria, but she [aviria] and him...have a history. Much more than he and I have. I won't go into the details (because D would MURDER me), but suffice it to say that he acted like a total douche to her. A lot. And if I were her, I totally wouldn't have forgiven him after the first time, let alone the BILLIONTH time. But I digress. His treatment of her...may have resulted in me yelling at him. A couple times. Including one very memorable moment at senior prom. *facepalm* SO ANYWAY, we were not exactly the best of friends. In fact we were barely even on speaking terms, up until recently...when his identical twin (referred to in old posts as "Zack's Whore") got cast in a show with my sister. Small world, huh? (As it turned out, Steve had been going to Summer's school--a performing arts high school--for a while, and a lot of the people at her school end up at YPC, the theater company that Summer--and now I--are involved in.) He ended up playing guitar for the show, and so we saw each other after various performances several times. Finally, I decided it was stupid that we were avoiding each other, and basically "made nice" with him. So, in conclusion? Currently, we are back on speaking terms again, but it's still somewhat awkward between us.

SO. That is my relationship with Ricky. In a nutshell. SO ANYWAY, he gets on the bus, sees me, and comes and sits down next to me. We talked for the ten or so minutes that he rode the bus for. It wasn't quite as awkward as it's been between us in the past, but it wasn't exactly totally comfortable. And neither of us dared mention anything to do aviria. That's just asking for an argument.

So finally, he gets off the bus. I ride another few stops, and then get off at YPC (the theatre company I'm currently involved with; I'm stage managing their holiday show, "You're A Good Man Charlie Brown").

I go in, and I'm talking on the phone with aviria (because I ran into Ricky, so naturally I HAD to call and tell her). So I'm talking with her in the YPC lobby, and end up saying "YOU DRUNK-DIALED HIM?!!?" really loudly...right as a bunch of freshman & sophomores who are in the cast come in. XD Not my best moment, but luckily, they choose to ignore it.

We were watching the Charlie Brown movies today (for cast bonding & character development, and just style ideas in general), so we all head back and start the movies. We're pigging out on junk food, and everything's going great (the costumer, Jan, who I've been dying to talk to, even stopped in for a bit, which was nice), until...

...my only other (local) ex shows up.

Yeah, that's right. Tony, who I technically never dated (we were really more friends-with-benefits, but still), and broke things off with because Summer was PISSED as HELL when she found out (he was a friend of hers, even though he's my age). This was slightly less unlikely than running into Ricky, since I know Tony through Summer, who met him through YPC, which is where I was, so...yeah. But still. He randomly showed up two-thirds of the way through rehearsal, and just starts WATCHING with us. We mostly avoided each other, and I bet he was wondering why I was there, but I didn't make any contact. After all, our..."thing" was just this summer, so...still too soon.

It's just...really, what are the chances that I run into BOTH of my (local) exes on the same day? Combine that with all the bus creepers from earlier, and it made for an awkward day for me.

In other news, I am now an employee of Pier 1 Imports (thus my last TxtLJ post). Also, I have no Halloween plans. At all. Well, unless you consider "go to work from 1-4, then go to my parents' house for dinner and steal candy & hide from trick-or-treaters in the family room" plans.

ETA: Happy birthday to Frank Iero :)