September 21st, 2008

sw | you've hit a wall really, I can explain! ...... -.-

Guys, I may have just done something kind of epically stupid.

Oh, wait, first! Of note, and also actual relevance to what I'm about to talk about: I've moved into my mom's apartment on a semi-permanent basis (I'm still moving stuff & working out the details, but...yeah). Probably until I leave for Atlanta sometime after the new year. (More on the "why"s/background later.) So I'm out of the house I grew up in (frigging FINALLY) is the good news. Bad news? Unreliable internet access. Fortunately, some kind soul has an unsecured network named "linksys" which I am currently mooching off of ^^ It's not the best connection, but it's SOMETHING.

Anywhoooo....yeah. Collapse )