December 10th, 2007

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Uh, anyone have a key to my house?

I am sitting on my porch, reading fic when it is 20F out. Why, you may ask?

So I only got like, 3 hours of sleep last night, which resulted in my being zombified this morning, so in my rush out the door, I totally forgot both my cell phone and my keys. Not a huge deal, it happens sometimes, except then I got home an hour ago, and the car's gone and my mom's not home. Still not a big deal. I check the back door, which she sometimes leaves unlocked. Locked. I go to every neighbors' house who might have a key. They're either not home, or don't have one.

So, in conclusion, I am stuck out on the porch with nothing but my laptop and sweatshirt for comfort until my mom gets back from wherever she is (probably dropping off/picking up Summer from performances).

I think my fingers are about to fall off.

ETA: I ended up going over to a neighbor's house to hang out a little while after this, so I wasn't cold for *too* much longer. Thanks for all of your kind words & offers of help :)
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