October 31st, 2007

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Halloween, new/old fandoms, PIRATES, blah blah blah etc...

Happy Halloween, y'all! (And happy birthday to Frank Iero ~.^) Yeah, haven't updated in a while, have I? I know, I know, I suck, the usual, blah blah blah...XD

Anyway...I've gotten into bandom recently! Which...yeah, okay, let's be honest--is it really any worse than Wincest? I was headed in that direction anyway, I just finally reached it XD (I dunno exactly what "it" is, so don't ask! LOL) It was just a matter of time, I suppose. Sooo...yeah. *pets shiny new bandom icons*

Speaking of new fandoms, I should probably list my current list of fandoms, shouldn't I? Since it's been, oh, FOREVER since I've done that...

Collapse )

PHEW! That was a lot of work. So...where do we match up, flist? Anybody share more than 4 current OTPs with me? Hmm? Or anyone share any rare!pairings/fandoms? Talk to me, guys; I listed these to spark discussion! :)

Quick RL update: yeah, I'm a senior now. w00t!, etc. I'm busy as HELL with the fall musical, The Pirates of Penzance. For local peeps, the performances are 11/30 @ 7 PM, 12/1 @ 2 PM & 7 PM, and 12/2 @ 2 PM. (That's a Friday, Saturday and Sunday.) You better be there, bitchez! :O I've been working my ASS off, here. I've got rehearsals everyday from 2-4/4:30ish. I'm the Technical Director, which means I am in charge of the:
  • Set Design (includes overseeing Building & Painting Crews)
  • Costume Design (includes overseeing Costume Crew)
  • Prop Management (includes overseeing Props Crew)
  • Hair/Makeup Design (includes overseeing Hair/Makeup Crew)
  • Lighting Design (includes setting/doing maintenance on the stage lights & running the board during performances)

...and basically anything else that isn't directly singing-, dancing-, acting-, or pit-related. I'm designing the logo, making sure all schedules are coordinated/accurate, coordinating/tracking anything budget-related, running interference between The Directors and Mr. Oyen (the band teacher & pit advisor), keeping Mama Hutch (the drama advisor) organized/in-the-loop, meeting with Papa Nelson (the crew advisor) several times a week (and keeping him in-the-loop too), setting up the stage before every practice, locking up the auditorium & turning the stage lights on/off before & after practice...So yeah. Like I said, busy as HELL.

During my free periods, I've managed to make time for working on the web design/web master job I mentioned a while ago. The site is up now, if you'd like to take a peak. Keep in mind, it's not officially launched yet, so. Yeah. Not totally done.

*SIGH* Okay, I gotta get back to sewing a dress & petticoat for possible use as a costume in Pirates. Hopefully, I plan to write a post with a personal note to every single person on my flist, so I can reconnect with some of you guys--sometime in the next few weeks.

Later, purple-eyed creatures!

PS For those who know her and haven't heard (although most of you who know her probably already have), moonlingmaid's dad was killed in a car boating accident this past Saturday. The funeral is this Friday. That's all I know--any questions/condolences should be directed to her. Alex, if you see this, our thoughts are still with you, hun. ♥

ETA: It was a boating accident, not a car accident. Sorry about that, guys.