July 19th, 2007

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Unorthodox Homework Help...

Okay guys, I'm in need of some serious assistance here.

So I'm taking summer school health and gym to get them out of the way, right? And we've got this assignment for health class to write down 100 goals that we'd like to accomplish in our lives. Yeah, that's right, FOR HEALTH CLASS. This is what I get for taking summer school, I suppose. Anyway, I've got like 30, and I'm having trouble coming up with more. They can be about just about anything, but they can't be too repetitive. So...help? (BTW, as tempting as it is, the jokes apparently need to be kept to a minimum...I've kind of already exhausted that alley...)

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Any other ideas? I'm desperate here, guys. This is like, a third of my grade, and I've gotta hand it in on Monday...HELP!

In other news, I totally just broke out in hives all over my right arm, and we have absolutely no idea why. Can't figure it out. Huh. Whatever. *scratches idly at arm* *puts on more antihistamine cream*
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