May 21st, 2006

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Written on 5/19 @ 11:49 AM...

I was sick Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week, so Greener let me out of the test today in his class, and gave me a pass to the library. The library is closed during B lunch (so Mrs. Erickson can eat), so I headed downstairs. I bought a sandwich and ice cream Twix from the snack bar, and I also happened to have a can of Sprite in my backpack, which I had bought from Mr. Steiner yesterday.

One of the doors that make up the side entrance to the auditorium--the one near the science wing--is broken, so they don't completely close; one sticks out just a centimeter or so farther than the other one. It's barely even noticeable; you'd have to know that it was there. But it's enough to keep it from completely latching shut, so it's possible to get into the auditorium whenever you want, if you know about it.

I took my sandwich, pop, and ice cream bar and ate lunch in the dark, empty auditorium. It was...nice. Peaceful.

That's where I am now; I'm skipping English. Hutch's got a sub, anyway. I think I'll cut out during 6th hour, too, and head home. I'm never in the mood for French, and I've got an itch to re-watch some old House episodes.

Hmm...someone's playing with the lights....could be Oyen. Hope it is; I do NOT want to deal with Red. I'd better stop typing, in any case. Later, purple-eyed creatures. Over and out!


PS I'm working on a gigantic entry with an updated list of all my fandoms, ships, favorite characters, etc...stay tuned!

ETA: C lunch now. Still here.

I've no idea who was playing with the lights, but I didn't hear anyone come in OR leave, and they didn't notice me at all...*shrug* Might have been a timer, or something. Whatever.

ETA II: It WAS Red. God, I hate that man....Anyway, he kicked me out and temporarily fixed the door. *narrow eyes* However, I intend to...*ahem* FIX that before I leave today. I have taken refuge in the band hallway with Brooke and Lacey. Brooke is telling us about her plans for prom. Her dress sounds pretty! ^^