May 24th, 2004

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Recent TIN happenings (and other stuff)...

Wow. I think D is right...Harry probably still likes Hermione. That's really sad/sweet/depressing, what he wrote.

Awww...Colin loves Millicent! And she might like him back! That's pretty funny, in a sweet sort of way...

Jeeze...Blaise and Justing are going at it even as I type...

Non TIN-y stuff...

Uh, nothing much to report. Other than my grades are slipping. But who gives a shit? Really. (OK, other than my parents...)

And D wants me to get a date to Recognition now. So she won't feel alone 'cause she's going with Stel.

Blah. I really should be doing my descriptive essay...but I'm not.

Well, ta purple-eyed creatures. Off to read TI er, procrastinate more.

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Oh God, this is too funny to pass up. I'm typing this as they're posting, so I'll wait until more comes...

Justin: I absolutely did not mean to intimate that Blaise is a turkey.

He merely has turkey-like legs.

Blaise: I would much rather have my turkey-like legs than your turkey-like waddle. When you move your head, I am frightened by all of the unnatural motion.

Justin: Waddle?

Surely you've mistaken me for your girlfriend, Zabini.

I am as lithe and graceful as a panther.

Blaise: I would certainly not mistake you for her as she is lovely and lacks a waddle, unlike you.

Clearly you are deluded.

Justin: Clearly you are blind, because I am much better looking than her, and have better posture, too.

Blaise: Perhaps a goblin might find you more attractive.

Justin: ...Did you just call Terry a goblin?

Blaise: Did I write Terry Boot's name?

Justin: No, but he is the main person that's finding me especially attractive lately, so I assumed.

I never should have assumed Millicent was human, either.

It's very wrong of me to assume. My apologies.

Blaise: Am I to be on the up-and-up as to whom is finding you attractive these days? If so, I apologise for lacking in my duties.

Watch your mouth, Hufflepuff.

Justin: Watch your hands, Slytherin.

LOL. Ya just gotta laugh at TIN, sometimes...
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