February 9th, 2004

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Ready for another dull description of my dull day, purple-eyed creatures?

Got to school on time (took the bus). Checked in with BB, so he didn't mark me absent to homebase like his usual bastardy self. Reminded Porcupine Head we were teching the assembly, and told him to get his ass down to the gym. Grabbed the tech stuff from Mrs. L's room. Set it up in the gym. (While setting tech stuff up,) Yelled more at Porcupine Head. At beginning of assembly, bitchy teacher told me to stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance. I refused. Teched rest of assembly, frequently threating to hurt Porcupine Head. Went to get lunch, then brought it back to the gym. Yelled at Porcupine Head to stop hanging from the basketball hoop (I'm not even kidding...). Forced sevie techies to stop fucking around and do tear down. Did tear down. Sevie techies went to talk to Mrs. L. Porcupine Head disappeared, leaving me to do the rest of the tear down (joy). Showed up late to English, where there was a stupid sub. Slept through the rest of English. Went to Math, where I was forced to stay awake. Talked a bit w/ Big Foot Boy and Stel. Semi-fell asleep, despite efforts to stay awake. Woke up, and went to French. Fell asleep again in French. Slept all the way through French. Went to Art. Talked a bit with Mary-L in Art. Went to locker, and got my stuff. Rode the bus home. Snacked a bit. Read some articles for current events (damn things). Walked Mellie (dog across the street who I'm paid to walk). Came home and came on computer, where I'm writing this.

Fun day, huh? (not)