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Tech Crew Party...

Rom Tweasley needs to fuck off. I know he thinks he’s funny...he’s not.

That said...the Tech Crew (/Crapitol Hell Singers) party was OK. We all just kinda hung out in Mrs.L’s room after school, and ate pizza and stuff.

Since I don't really have any friends there, I sat on a table by myself and ate my pizza. Then, guess who came over?

*all laugh at Bessyboo, because they know exactly who it was*

Yeah, you guessed it. Porcupine Head.

He came over and sat on the table next to me and commented that I was "being anti-social". Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Then he just kind of hung around for a few minutes. Then, Rom Tweasley came over, and started being all, "Yeah, at [LZ]'s house the other day, I was being a goth, and pretending to be all tough, and stuff. Yeah. I was pretending to be a goth, and being tough and stuff...and I was being BOSSY, too..." He kinda looked at me, smirking, obviously wanting to see how I was reacting. I pretended to ignore him. Then, he just basically repeated what he said before several times, smirking at me, then looking back at PH. I really, really just wanted to tell him to fuck off, but of course, I didn't. I can't believe I liked him a few years ago...

Anyhoo, then Mr.McG came, and had a question about hooking up a laptop to our system for the assembly Tuesday, which PH and I helped him with.

After that, PH said that nothing was happening, so we got into an argument about whether we should tell them who would be Head Techie next year. He thought that we should just tell them, but then I reminded him that it was Mrs.L's decision, and while we agreed on who should get the job, she hadn't made up her mind yet. So we got into an argument, that I ultimately won (with the help of Mrs.L).

Then, there was nothing to do, so I cleaned Mrs.L's room.

And then I took the bus home.

And that's all, purple-eyed creatures!


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