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Long entry...

Alright, get ready for a long entry, purple-eyed creatures.

First off: The reason I haven't updated in the past few days was because I was off computer. (Caught eating in the computer room, not doing my homework when I should have, going on the computer when it wasn't my day, things like that.)

Secondly: The band trip. It wasn't so bad. I still wish Mel had been there, but...*sigh*...

Anyhoo, I sat with Hobbit Boy on the bus. (Stel was on the other bus, because Mr.R divided us up by instrument, and since Stel's a French Horn player, and I'm a Clarinet player, we ended up on different buses.) Which wasn't so bad, really, considering. We watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and we did some doodles that were kind of fun. One of us would draw a head, then fold the paper over, and the other would draw a body, then fold the paper over, and then the first person would draw the legs, and we would unfold it and look at it. Here's what we came up with (you can guess who drew what):

Doodle 1

Doodle 2

Doodle 3

Doodle 4

Doodle 5

Anyhoo, when we got to the aquarium, we changed into our uniforms (blech), set up our instruments and stuff, played a 15 minute concert for the 10 parents that came out to see us (oh, and like, the THREE people from the museum, who stayed for, like, one or two songs), put our stuff away, changed back into our normal clothes, then toured the museum. It [the aquarium] was OK, if not a little boring. Stel and I hung out (thank you, by the way, Stel, for being so nice about that) and ate some candy, and just sort of wandered around. Then we got back on the bus, and drove to the Radison Hotel.

At the Radison, we ate lunch at the top carousel restaurant place (ya know, the one that has all windows at the top, and spins around so you can look at the view while you eat). That was pretty fun. I sat with Stel, Hobbit Boy, and Hobbit Boy's Chinese Friend. We had a pretty good time.

Oh, and apparently, teenagers have problems operating an elevator. Our group was without a parent chaperone both going up and coming down, and going up (hehehe), we accidentally pressed "15", instead of "R" (for "Roof"), so we went to the top floor of the hotel. We then realized-too late-that we were supposed to press "R", but the people downstairs had already pressed the "Up" button, so we went all the way back down, where the doors opened, and we were all, "Sorry, it's full! We're still here!" So then we had to go all the way back up, where we FINALLY got to the restaurant. (I'm not sure how well I explained that, but it was pretty fun if you were there...)

After lunch, we got back on the buses. About half-way there, we stopped at a rest stop for around 15 minutes, and we snuck Hobbit Boy's Chinese Friend onto our bus for the last half of the ride (which was super fun, but we were SOOOO afraid that Mr.R was gonna catch us, and get pissed, 'cause he said absolutely no bus switching). When we got back, Hobbit Boy and Chinese Friend and I went back to Hobbit Boy's house ('cause he only lives a couple blocks from school), and they showed me the Rube Goldberg-like contraption that they've been working on to turn on the light in the hallway to Hobbit Boy's room. Then Chinese Friend and I went back to school to wait for our parents, and when mine finally came (like, half an hour late), we had drive Pinky (ewww!) home.

So...that's about it. Oh, and I get 120 minutes on my practice journal. Woo, go me.

Thirdly: On Friday night, Avi and I were being all high, because we figured out what we were going to do today, and plus, we got our tickets for PoA, and we're going to see it at midnight together at Inver Grove Heights. So we were being super super high. So ignore anything we posted here that night. (But it was really, really fun...wasn't it, D? Heehee...)

Fourthly: Today, Avi and Stel came over, and we "studied", talked, hung out, ate a LOT of candy, and watched Chamber of Secrets (or most of it, at least). It was super fun. Avi's mom stayed FOREVER, because she was talking to my mom (Avi was severely annoyed by this). And Avi's parents found out that Stel was going to be there (she had conveniently forgotten to mention this...). So...we had a lot of fun.

Fifthly: Now I am typing this. And I should stop...and go format the science homework...yeah...

Soooooooooooo....bye, purple-eyed creatures!


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