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Phone conversation...

Yo, purple-eyed creatures.

Just got off the phone with Avi and Stel. We talked about lotsa stuff.


  • I'm going to HarMar Monday. (No, I didn't know this either, but, well, now I do, I guess. They [Avi and Stel] are going to see "The Day After Tomorrow", and even though I'm not going to see the movie, I'm gonna come with them. Because they want me to. Maybe they think they need a chaperone...*evil grin* OK, OK, I'll stop...)
  • PH and I are in love, and going to Recognition together. (I'm not even going to comment on that...)
  • I NEED to see "Kill Bill". (Uh...sorry Stel, WAY too much gore. I don't DO gore, remember?)
  • Stel would enjoy documentaries more if they were animes. (Um...yeah, that would kinda make it NOT A DOCUMENTARY...)
  • Um....other crap I can't remember...

Well, that all for now. Ta.


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