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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Bat Mitzvah...

5/23/04 12:43 pm - Bat Mitzvah...

It just occured to me, I should probably write about my Bat Mitzvah. So....

I had my Bat Mitzvah Friday night. It went pretty well. Em (the girl who I did it with) and I both messed up on our musical performances, and the audio and visual on the video were slightly out of sinc, but all in all it went pretty well.

As far as present go, I got the following...

  • $509 in cash and checks (thanks [partly], Green_Griffin!)
  • gift certificates to Best Buy, Bound to be Read (thanks, Moonling!), [2] Borders (thanks Solar__Eclipse & Stelvani!), Barnes and Nobel, Ruminator, [3] Chepo Disks, and Red Balloon
  • a 'chamsa' necklace
  • butterfly earrings (from my grandmother ;))
  • a Klezmer CD
  • a little clay fairy figurine
  • a story (written by Zev [one of the interviewees from my video], unpublished)
  • Art Cars, by Harold Blank (a book)
  • Great Jewish Women, by Elinor and Robert Slater (the book Harold gave me up on the Bima)
  • a Kiddush cup (from the congregation, the present Evelyn gave me up on the Bima)

So...yeah. Got a lot of stuff.

BUT WAIT. That's not even the best part. No, the best part was when Stelvani asked Aviria to Recognition, and she said yes. That was one of the best presents you guys could have given me, LOL. *grins as Aviria gives her death stare*

Anyhoo, must get back to reading TIN.

TA! purple-eyed creatures.

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