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The Doodles of Bessyboo

Late nights, Good Charlotte, Internet Girls, and other random topics...

8/19/03 01:14 am - Late nights, Good Charlotte, Internet Girls, and other random topics...

::sigh:: God, I must be the only person up within a ten mile radius...LOL. Bet not. They put me on more meds that supposedly are supposed to help me sleep, but obviously, they aren't working. But it's not like you little purple-eyed creatures would care...

I'm listening to Good Charlotte right now. They're really cool. Evanescence and them are tied for my current favorite band. At this moment, I'm just listening to my two favorite songs, "Emotionless" and "The Young and the Hopeless". They're really nice, and calming. They're kind of soft, and relaxing...

Oh! I just realized, I haven't talked about the [Zach's Whore]/[Akiya] breakup thing yet! OK...Ya know [Akiya], who I talked about in the last entry? Well she was going out with [Zach's Whore], [Alien Boy's] identical twin, who was also mentioned in the last entry. She really liked him, but he never really liked her. We think the only reason he agreed to go out with her in the first place is because I had just told him the day before they got together that she had asked her long-time crush to Recognition (the big eighth grade graduation), and he turned her down, and she was really sad. So anyway, basically, from what we can tell, what happened was that [Zach's Whore] was going out with [Akiya], still liked [Tory] (his former girlfriend), and "had an affair" with an Internet Girl claiming to be a thirteen year old named Ashley who lived in Alabama (we have no information confirming that this is either true or not true). Anyway, whatever happened there, when [Alien Boy] and I got a heads up about Ashley ([Alien Boy] caught [Zach's Whore] flirting with her on AIM), [Alien Boy] IMed her, and got all the proof he needed that [Akiya] was definately not the only girl [Zach's Whore] was "going out" with. We emailed this proof to [Akiya], who called [Zach's Whore], who promtly broke up with her. If you want details,

You have just entered room "Chat 32501996921846917528."

Sarahmalaria2 has entered the room.

Sarahmalaria2: Bess what's ur plan so far!

Weekender1303 has entered the room.

Lady Bessyboo: hang on, lez get everyone in here. . .

BrittaVoorhaar has entered the room.

Weekender1303: kk

BrittaVoorhaar: hello

Weekender1303: brit's on

BrittaVoorhaar: I'm so sorry sarah!

Weekender1303: hi brit

BrittaVoorhaar: I'll kill him for you.

Weekender1303: kk

shanyipooka has entered the room.

Sarahmalaria2: thanks

Weekender1303: who's that

shanyipooka: hi......

Weekender1303: who are you

Lady Bessyboo: ok, some one explain the situation so it's on the record

shanyipooka: me?

Lady Bessyboo: thaz lynn

Sarahmalaria2: hey

BrittaVoorhaar: ^^ now I just have to find out where he lives an alibi and transport....

Weekender1303: yeah you

shanyipooka: who's the person that asked me who's that?

Lady Bessyboo: ricky

shanyipooka: oh

Weekender1303: who are you then

BrittaVoorhaar: ::confusion...

BrittaVoorhaar: ::

Lady Bessyboo: HANG ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

shanyipooka: what???

shanyipooka: WHAT???

Weekender1303: ok sarah explain everyhing

BrittaVoorhaar: I'm britta, I have short term mermory whats my name again? ::sarcasm::

shanyipooka: hahahaha

shanyipooka: I'm Lynn

Weekender1303: I'm ricky

Sarahmalaria2: SARAH!

shanyipooka: I know who everyone is now

BrittaVoorhaar: we know that timmy

shanyipooka: timmy?

Weekender1303: kk

Lady Bessyboo: Lady Bessyboo=Bess Sarahmalaria2=Sarah Weekender1303=Ricky BrittaVoorhaar=Britta shanyipooka=Lynn

BrittaVoorhaar: his "Other" name

Sarahmalaria2: I'll explain!

shanyipooka: ah....

Lady Bessyboo: OKAY. . .

shanyipooka: So ricky's "other" name is timmy?

Weekender1303: now ur just confusing the poor people

BrittaVoorhaar: yeah

Sarahmalaria2: well it started

Weekender1303: sarah explain everything


shanyipooka: TIMMY?????

Lady Bessyboo: timmy =ricky!

Sarahmalaria2: with a e-mail

shanyipooka: AHH!!!!!

shanyipooka: I have developed a fear for anyone named TIM

shanyipooka: or TIMMY

Sarahmalaria2: CAN I PLEASE EXPLAIN!!!!!~!

shanyipooka: see, there are 2 guys at my school called TIM

shanyipooka: they freak me out of my mind

Weekender1303: ok let sarah explain

Sarahmalaria2: tx ricky doll

Lady Bessyboo: now, basically, Steven (the bastard) was DATING Sarah, LIKED Tori, and HAD AN AFFAIR with an internet girl called Ashley

Weekender1303: nobody talk till sarah sais she's done

Lady Bessyboo: there

Weekender1303: that's it

Sarahmalaria2: Can I talk now thank you!

Weekender1303: thank you bessy

Lady Bessyboo: welcome

Lady Bessyboo: NOW EXPLAIN SARAH!!!

shanyipooka: .......................

Sarahmalaria2: now It started with Bess's warnings about the internet bitch and him liking tori!

BrittaVoorhaar: ..umm...question...

Lady Bessyboo: questions later

Lady Bessyboo: go on, sarah...

BrittaVoorhaar: maggie want's to help...

Weekender1303: yed go on

shanyipooka: HURRY UP!!!!!

BrittaVoorhaar: she good at these sorts of things..

Weekender1303: go on

Sarahmalaria2: I egnored her and asked the bastard about it and

Sarahmalaria2: he denied!

Sarahmalaria2: so then I get an e-mail from BESS

shanyipooka: is the bastard tori or the internet girl?

Lady Bessyboo: neither. steven

Lady Bessyboo: yes, sarah?

Sarahmalaria2: giving me proff!

Weekender1303: stevens the bastard

shanyipooka: oops

Lady Bessyboo: 'sokay

Lady Bessyboo: go on sarah

Sarahmalaria2: And I agian start bitchin' about it at Steven

Sarahmalaria2: And he says that we can't go out any more

Lady Bessyboo: now It started with Bess's warnings about the internet bitch and him liking tori! I egnored her and asked the bastard about it and he denied! so then I get an e-mail from BESS giving me proff!

Sarahmalaria2: I ask y

Lady Bessyboo: And I agian start bitchin' about it at Steven, And he says that we can't go out any more. I ask y

Lady Bessyboo: yes?

BrittaVoorhaar: maggie agrees with me and thinks we should kill him.

Weekender1303: why are copying and pasting all this

Lady Bessyboo: we ALL agree about THAT. . .

Sarahmalaria2: he said that I always put myself down

shanyipooka: ME AGREE TOO

Lady Bessyboo: so it's easier to read

Sarahmalaria2: and I'm self centered

Sarahmalaria2: that's about it

Sarahmalaria2: ANY QUESTIONS

Sarahmalaria2: ?

shanyipooka: yeah, so how does that tell us where TIMMY came from?

Lady Bessyboo: And I agian start bitchin' about it at Steven, And he says that we can't go out any more. I ask y. he said that I always put myself down, and I'm self centered. that's about it .

Weekender1303: that is the most b-s i've ever heard

Lady Bessyboo: what sarah said or what ur brother said?

Weekender1303: steven is one big bastard

BrittaVoorhaar: sarah, your to good for him...sorry...but you are....he doesn't even deserve a rat...or a internet girl...

Lady Bessyboo: u could say that again

Sarahmalaria2: I agree!

shanyipooka: um.....

Lady Bessyboo: I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Bessyboo: yes lynn?

Weekender1303: HERE HERE

Weekender1303: I feel weird

Sarahmalaria2: CHEARS!

Sarahmalaria2: Cheers

BrittaVoorhaar: -.-;;

shanyipooka: no one's answered my ?

Sarahmalaria2: oops

BrittaVoorhaar: ::confused::

Weekender1303: I'm cofuzzled

shanyipooka: my question*

shanyipooka: oh, never mind

Weekender1303: what ?

Lady Bessyboo: ricky is steven's identical twin

Lady Bessyboo: so, does everyone understand

Lady Bessyboo: ??

Weekender1303: I feel weird

Sarahmalaria2: and Bess's BF

Lady Bessyboo: don't worry ricky, we all know you hate steve

Sarahmalaria2: y ricky doll

BrittaVoorhaar: why do you feel weird ricky?

Weekender1303: because I'm the only guy

Weekender1303: at least I'm the only guy here

BrittaVoorhaar: *laughs* thats silly Xanders here.

Sarahmalaria2: well look past that

Lady Bessyboo: : : rollz eyez : : don't worry ricky, u can still feel welcome

Sarahmalaria2: we all see the girl in you

shanyipooka: .....................

Sarahmalaria2: ur feminine side

BrittaVoorhaar: heh heh heh...

Lady Bessyboo: oh, and just for the record, RICKY HATES STEVEN!!!>:o

Sarahmalaria2: u know u got one

Lady Bessyboo: hehehe

Weekender1303: I kno but you guys are only saying stuff like we should kill him and I'm thinking we should do something more "manly"

BrittaVoorhaar: like?

BrittaVoorhaar: chop off his manhood?


BrittaVoorhaar: you can do that.

Sarahmalaria2: ewewewewew

shanyipooka: you could..disown him

Lady Bessyboo: actually, having a guy here, especially the bastard's twin, could be helpful

Sarahmalaria2: bad mental pictures!

BrittaVoorhaar: yes, ricky i was joking

Lady Bessyboo: cause u can think like steven

Lady Bessyboo: and brit u r so sick

shanyipooka: gee... I wonder why they are twins


Weekender1303: we should catch him doing something like "manly" and send A PIC TO ASHLEY

Lady Bessyboo: like?

shanyipooka: who's this ashley person?

shanyipooka: I know she is the internet girl

shanyipooka: but does anyone know who she really is?

Sarahmalaria2: him runnin' arou nd in his tighty whiteies

shanyipooka: or....could she be a he disquising himself as a she?

Weekender1303: yeah ikno who she is

Weekender1303: she's from alabama

Sarahmalaria2: NO ONE LISTEN ING @ ME

Lady Bessyboo: sure we r

Weekender1303: she's a sk8 no doubt

shanyipooka: how can you have an affair on the net?

Lady Bessyboo: lotsa ways

Sarahmalaria2: WA

Sarahmalaria2: ?

Weekender1303: dunno

shanyipooka: I mean, you can't actually do anything

Sarahmalaria2: I'm lost!

Weekender1303: just breath sarah lol

Sarahmalaria2: BESSY I"M LOST!

shanyipooka: you can only just say what you're doing, or want to do......

Lady Bessyboo: : : rollz eyez : : look they said they loved eachother, thaz enough for me!

Lady Bessyboo: and how r u lost, sarah?

BrittaVoorhaar: evil....::gets out sharp knife:: ::sharpens knife::

Lady Bessyboo: hehehe

Lady Bessyboo: calm down brit

Weekender1303: hee hee

Sarahmalaria2: to many words!

shanyipooka: had to leave for a sec cause there was a dead bug on my leg

Lady Bessyboo: just breath, scroll up, and read, sarah

Weekender1303: we shouldn't kill him though we should just hurt him so bad that he dosn't want to live

Sarahmalaria2: ::pulls out flamthower::

Lady Bessyboo: good, ricky

Lady Bessyboo: down, sarah

Lady Bessyboo: now, ricky, being his twin, what would you suggest

Lady Bessyboo: ?

Weekender1303: no sarah that's a good idea

Sarahmalaria2: :: pulls out wepon case:: ::opens wepon case::

BrittaVoorhaar: HAHAHA! Idea, evil idea, but still an idea...

shanyipooka: ideas, they lead to ...stuff

Sarahmalaria2: ::loads pistol::

Weekender1303: ripping out his spinal cored out of his ass and wipping him in the face with it.

Lady Bessyboo: i, of course, know the obvious would be to turn not just sarah, but the ashley girl AND tori agaisnt him. . .

BrittaVoorhaar: we should shave him bald!

shanyipooka: you should spread a rumor that he's homo

Sarahmalaria2: ::usespitol::

shanyipooka: then again, that wouldn't work

Lady Bessyboo: DOWN, EVERYONE, DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

Sarahmalaria2: ::EVIL LAUGH::

shanyipooka: cause he's already been seen with her and her

Weekender1303: we should shave his head

shanyipooka: you could say he' s bi

Weekender1303: he's hate that

BrittaVoorhaar: thats what i said timmy!

shanyipooka: you know , in Japan , people shave their heads as a sign of a broken hear

Lady Bessyboo: actually, brit, cutting his hair in his sleep isn't a bad idea. . .

shanyipooka: heart*

Lady Bessyboo: yeah, i know. . .

Sarahmalaria2: ::puts gun in leg holster::

Sarahmalaria2: I"M READY!

BrittaVoorhaar: xanders 15 lbs now..

Weekender1303: holy monkey

Lady Bessyboo: down, sarah. no seriously, think about how overprotective he is of his hair. . .

Weekender1303: heehee

shanyipooka: geez, it's just hair

Lady Bessyboo: and NO TALKING ABOUT CATS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekender1303: we should totally sabatougue him

Lady Bessyboo: yeah, tell steven that. . . .

Lady Bessyboo: how would u do that, ricky?

Sarahmalaria2: He let me play w/ his hair even before we were goin' out!

BrittaVoorhaar: take all his clothes and chop them up so he can't wear them...

shanyipooka: g2g people

shanyipooka: cya later

Sarahmalaria2: BYER

BrittaVoorhaar: bye

Weekender1303: shave his hair and put super glue on his hand and put

BrittaVoorhaar: YES!!!

Lady Bessyboo: crap, people, I'll BE RIGHT BACK MY EVIL INTERNET CONECTION BUT I"LL BE RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BrittaVoorhaar: THats great!!!

shanyipooka has left the room.

BrittaVoorhaar: kk

Lady Bessyboo: and that's good, ricky

Lady Bessyboo: B BACK

You have just entered room "Chat 32501996921846917528."

Lady Bessyboo: good

Lady Bessyboo: everyone's here

Weekender1303: hi bess is back

Weekender1303: where's lynn

Lady Bessyboo: she left member?

Sarahmalaria2: I finished shineing my wepons

Lady Bessyboo: good

Lady Bessyboo: brit?

Lady Bessyboo: hello?

BrittaVoorhaar: yeag

BrittaVoorhaar: *yeah

Lady Bessyboo: kk

Lady Bessyboo: wat wuz said while i wuz gone

Weekender1303: you guys how are we going to do this

BrittaVoorhaar: someone call me I'm bored...

Sarahmalaria2: ::stares at reflection in cleaver::

Lady Bessyboo: so give some ideas, brit!

BrittaVoorhaar: sarah, do some yoga

BrittaVoorhaar: no one lets me talk *tear*

Lady Bessyboo: and ricky, cutting his hair in his sleep isn't a bad idea

Sarahmalaria2: ::fires pistol agian::

Lady Bessyboo: so talk

Lady Bessyboo: down, sarah

Lady Bessyboo: DOWN GIRL!

Lady Bessyboo: ricky?

Sarahmalaria2: ::shoot's arrow::

Lady Bessyboo: 'lo?

Weekender1303: I'm here

Lady Bessyboo: DOWN SARAH DOWN!!!

Sarahmalaria2: ;;Shines sword::


Weekender1303: sleep sarah sleep

Sarahmalaria2: never

Lady Bessyboo: Sarah: stop shining weapons

Lady Bessyboo: Ricky:

Sarahmalaria2: ::holds sword to chest::

Weekender1303: fine be liek that bess

Weekender1303: what bess

Sarahmalaria2: NEVER!!!

Weekender1303: yes bess

Lady Bessyboo: we need more analysis on what would hurt steven the most

Lady Bessyboo: Brit:

Lady Bessyboo: :

BrittaVoorhaar: we or someone (not sarah -.-;;-) should(in his sleep) write "You cheating bastard burn in hell" on his wall and but his hands in warm

Weekender1303: so what do you wnat me to do

BrittaVoorhaar: water, and put orange slices inbetween his toes and shave some of his hair so it looks like a car

BrittaVoorhaar: ran over him

Lady Bessyboo: we need ideas!

Lady Bessyboo: good

Lady Bessyboo: ricky, what do you think we could feesably do that would hurt him the most

Lady Bessyboo: ?

Lady Bessyboo: and that was good, brit

Sarahmalaria2: :: ::HA HA HA:: ::\

Weekender1303: we should d that

Lady Bessyboo: ricky, you never answered me

Sarahmalaria2: ::Test's sledge hammer::

Lady Bessyboo: sarah, i told you to hold off on the weapons

Lady Bessyboo: for now. . . ;-)

Sarahmalaria2: :: :: warms up light saber:: ::

Lady Bessyboo: down, I SAID DOWN girl

Sarahmalaria2: But I'm havin fun!

Weekender1303: Ihave to go I'll be back

BrittaVoorhaar: kk

Lady Bessyboo: y, ricky?

Weekender1303 has left the room.

Lady Bessyboo: *sigh*

Sarahmalaria2: he probally had to take another dump!

Lady Bessyboo: Soooooo. . .

Lady Bessyboo: ???

Lady Bessyboo: um, please speak english, sarah

BrittaVoorhaar: yes?

Sarahmalaria2: ::sharpens scythe::

Lady Bessyboo: brit , i need you to ask kelly everything she knows about really screwing up peoples lives. like, real life. . . like the warm water thing

Lady Bessyboo: k?

BrittaVoorhaar: kk

Sarahmalaria2: ::loads machine gun::

Lady Bessyboo: sarah, i need you to calm down, and think about everything steven's ever said to you or you've heard about him that could be used agaisnt him

Sarahmalaria2: LOCK AND LOAD BABY!

Lady Bessyboo: seriously

Lady Bessyboo: good, ricky's back

Weekender1303 has entered the room.

Weekender1303: ok I'm back

Sarahmalaria2: he said I look good in anythying!

Weekender1303: huh

Weekender1303: ???

Sarahmalaria2: Back from your dump Ricky dear

Lady Bessyboo: sarah, stuff that could be used AGAISNT HIM

Weekender1303: confuzzle

Lady Bessyboo: i gave them jobs

Weekender1303: no

Sarahmalaria2: DUMPO

BrittaVoorhaar: Kelly: theres no reason to screw up his life cuz he's screwing it already.

Sarahmalaria2: dumpo dumpo dumpo dumpo dumpo

Weekender1303: stop

BrittaVoorhaar: Kelly: ricky tell your mum nad dad about the "Ashley" thing.

Sarahmalaria2: NEVER!!

Lady Bessyboo: ricky, yours is to also think about everything he's ever said 2 u as well and anything u could use agaisnt him

Weekender1303: NO that would screw it all up

Sarahmalaria2: ::shines daggers::

BrittaVoorhaar: screw what up?

Lady Bessyboo: and tell kelly, brit, that we'd like to ADD to screwing up his life

Sarahmalaria2: ::throws daggers at wall::

Lady Bessyboo: and tell her, "yes, telling mr. lewer everything would REALLY help the situation. . . "

Sarahmalaria2: thwoump thwoump

Weekender1303: what was that

Sarahmalaria2: MYT DAGGERS

Lady Bessyboo: : : slowly : : sarah, calm down. it's gonna be okay. . .

Sarahmalaria2: NO IT"SNOT!

Lady Bessyboo: now, tell me everything he ever told you that you could use agaisnt him. . .

BrittaVoorhaar: K: Hey, ok that ashley person could be any type of freak, and at this piont, for his own safety ricky, you have to tell your parents. Then to get back at steve.....

Weekender1303: brit what time is it over there

BrittaVoorhaar: 10:51

Sarahmalaria2: He almost never complemented me!

BrittaVoorhaar: i'm not in washington anymore i'm home...


Weekender1303: yeah

Weekender1303: really

Lady Bessyboo: so, how could we get back at him, kelly?

Lady Bessyboo: and ricky, you still haven't done your job

Sarahmalaria2: ::starts harly::

Weekender1303: get on @11:00 tomorrow

Lady Bessyboo: SARAH!!!DOWNDOWNDOWN!!!

BrittaVoorhaar: BESS STUBENHAUS!!!!!!! You want steve to be attacked by a serial sexaul predator?!!?? You are being fucking idiots!!!!!!!!!!!

Lady Bessyboo: ricky? hello? r u listening?

Sarahmalaria2: ::shuts off harley:: I FORGOT SONTHING!

Lady Bessyboo: sure, i don't give a shit, really. . .

Weekender1303: all of us we have to go on @ 11:30 tomorow

Weekender1303: I'm getting off

BrittaVoorhaar: B: Pm or Am?

Weekender1303: am

Sarahmalaria2: ::statrs making tranqualing darts::

BrittaVoorhaar: k

Lady Bessyboo: y r u gettin off?

Weekender1303: I'm ired

Lady Bessyboo: RICKY!!!!

Weekender1303: **tired

Lady Bessyboo: WE NEED YOU!!!

Sarahmalaria2: starts puttin' on war chothes::

BrittaVoorhaar: K: kno what it's like to have your heart torn out, trust me, but allowing something that could cause someone's death is NOT good revenge

BrittaVoorhaar: B: bess sarah ricky someone call me kelly took over the computer...

Sarahmalaria2: ::puts daggers in hip holsters

Sarahmalaria2: ::

BrittaVoorhaar: K: I was just recently really badly hurt by my guy....

Lady Bessyboo: yes?

Sarahmalaria2: ::straps machine gun to back::

Lady Bessyboo: and?

BrittaVoorhaar: brit knos about that

Lady Bessyboo: yes kelly?

Sarahmalaria2: ::puts sword in sheath::

BrittaVoorhaar: I decided no matter how muched I loved, I was better, now every time I see him, you can tell he feels really REALLY bad.

Sarahmalaria2: ::hooks granades to vest::

Weekender1303: britta are yoou in mn?

BrittaVoorhaar: I don't need him... he's an ass

BrittaVoorhaar: yes

Sarahmalaria2: ::grabs extra ammo::

Sarahmalaria2: I'


Sarahmalaria2: BESS I"M READY

Lady Bessyboo: look, kelly, that's great and all for sarah, but he's still semi-dating TWO girls! both are at risk to being exposed to the same thing sarah was

Lady Bessyboo: great, sarah

BrittaVoorhaar: why ricky?

Lady Bessyboo: yes she is

Sarahmalaria2: I"LL JUST LISTEN!

Lady Bessyboo: kk

Lady Bessyboo: good sarah

BrittaVoorhaar: K: No shit! but what you have to do first is tell his parents about "ashley", not only will he probably lose the comp. but he also will get in HUGE trouble.

Lady Bessyboo: hmm... true, but . . . oh, i dunno. . .

BrittaVoorhaar: Than e-mail the other chick, nicely, and tell her she's being cheated on, have ricky back it up...

Sarahmalaria2: TELL MR.LEWER R U CRAZY!

Lady Bessyboo: nicely? she was like, swearing @ sarah....

Sarahmalaria2: who was swearing at me?

Lady Bessyboo: look, sarah, maybe kelly's got a point

BrittaVoorhaar: yeah well just cuz she's a bitch don't mean you can't use her to hurt steve


Lady Bessyboo: hmm....still don't see how that would help OUR situation tho....

Sarahmalaria2: i say kill all the preps off ...by the thousands!

BrittaVoorhaar: it would ruin the bastard's life ::mwahahahahaha::

Lady Bessyboo: sarah, that has absoulutly nothin 2 do w/ steven. . .

Weekender1303 has left the room.

BrittaVoorhaar: ::prepares to castrate someone with a rusty spoon::

Lady Bessyboo: um...is this kelly r britt?

Sarahmalaria2: ::flings scythe over sholder::

Lady Bessyboo: look, sarah, CALM DOWN!!!

BrittaVoorhaar: B: okay thats great kelly...can I have the comp back? I would...umm...are you scared of the "real" kelly yet?

Lady Bessyboo: : : sigh : :

Lady Bessyboo: look, whoever it is, just get the "real" brit back on the computer

Lady Bessyboo: and sarah, CALM DOWN

Lady Bessyboo: sarah, i just called, but ur mom said u couldn't come 2 the phone. . .

BrittaVoorhaar: K: what?!?! why, I'm haveing fun, men are lousy cheating scum that think with their balls not there brains, so they all must be casterated with a rusty spoon

Lady Bessyboo: kelly, i agree

Sarahmalaria2: I have to take a shower I must tak my leave!

BrittaVoorhaar: B: did ricky die or something?

Lady Bessyboo: but please please please just put brit back on

Sarahmalaria2: BYE!!

Lady Bessyboo: no he got tired and his mom came home so he had 2 leave

Lady Bessyboo: bye sarah

Sarahmalaria2 has left the room.

BrittaVoorhaar: yeah, i'll be gone in a sec...

Lady Bessyboo: alright, guess u have 2 go 2, huh?

Lady Bessyboo: : : sigh : :

(this takes you to a chat me, [Alien Boy], [Green Gummi Baer Named Brit], [Akiya], and [Lynner] (another old friend) had the night [Zach's Whore] broke up with [Akiya])

Hmmm....OoOoOoOoOo, I'm really really excited, because [Aviria] and I are going to the Mall of America on Friday to go back-to-school shopping for clothes and jewelry and stuff. We're planning to go Goth the first day of school to scare all of our new teachers. The best part is, my mom's driving us, and is planning to stay in the food court, so if I find something I want to buy, all I've gotta do is go find her and her credit card! (Mwuahahahahaha!) Plus, I'm kinda half Goth already (I'm very punk-goth-ish, with the majority of my wardrobe being purple or black), so it's not like I'm never gonna wear the stuff I get again. Actually, I'll probably wear it a lot.

Anyhoo, I'm probably boring you (you purple-eyed creatures have a very short attention span). Sooo...bye!


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