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Friends, contiued...

'Lo purple-eyed creatures, I'm back.

I also have a lotta other friends, who I'm just not as close to or don't know as well, for whatever reason...

Moonling is undisputably the shyest and quietest one of my friends. Once you get to know her really well, though, she's actually quite funny, and chatty, too...

Akiya is really a very close friend of mine, but she's going to high school this year, and next year I'll be going to a different one, so...She's quite a character, really. We did our National History Day Project together. Actually, we made it all the way to the State level, and won an award there! We each got 50$! Yup, that was sweet...

SunshineHamster is very close friends with Aviria. She just came to our school this year, but she's already a key person in our group of friends. She's really hyper sometimes, but she's cool.

Nylassej Redneb is often mistaken for my twin. We're about the same height, we have the same color hair and eyes, and of course, our names sound almost the same. Our poor 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Ochi-Watson, kept mixing us up. Took her nearly five months to get it right. Hehehe.

Lara Bykirk lives on my block. I've known her practically my whole life. She's also a year older. We haven't been as close this year, because...well, I guess we've both been pretty busy a lot.

BookSnatcherGirl is definately my tallest friend. She's like, 6'3", and she's a 13-year-old girl! I've known her since kindergarten, but this year is really the first time since then when we've been close.

Mage of the Raven is really cool. I know her throuh Brit, and we don't see eachother that often, but it doesn't matter. I feel like I've known her forever.

Shannon is probably my newest friend. She came to our school this year as well, and we don't know her that well, but she seems pretty nice.

And, of course, there's my boyfriend, Alien Boy. He's our science teacher's son, but after the first week we knew him, we totally forgot about that. He came to our school part-way through the year, and thankfully, he (unlike his evil identical twin, [Zach's Whore]) wasn't corrupted by the preps. We've been going out for...mmm, maybe...three months, now.

Welp, that's about all. If I forgot someone, please don't take it personally.


Tags: "alien boy", old code names make me laugh, things have changed for me, ♥ the study group

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