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Sleep and Friends...

Greetings, puple-eyed creatures! I'm back! Yuppers.

Welp, my internal clock/sleep schedule is totally messed. I've been staying up late, and sleeping late. Sometimes I stay up all night. Sometimes I sleep 'till 1 PM. Sometimes I don't sleep for 48 hours. Sometimes I sleep for 15 hours straight. I'm just completely screwed.

Let's see...hmm...I'm bored, so I'll talk about all my friends...

I have four best friends (whom I like equally)...

Midnightmuse is an aspiring writer/journalist/reviewer/editor/whatever. She's the one who's working at the Resource Center with me. She's really really good with stuff like plot lines, and spelling and grammer (but then, I'm good with spelling and grammer, too). She insists she's not the leader of our little group of friends, but if you ask anyone in our group or out of our group, or even, like, teachers, they'll say she's the leader. A lot of people are actually pretty afraid of her...She has a website, and diaries at Diaryland, Diary-X, and LiveJournal.

Aviria is definatly the drama queen among us. She gone practically all summer because her grandfather died :'(. She's throughly obbsessed with both Slytherin and Draco Malfoy, and basically with any guy with nice hair (in her opinion). She has a copyright on the word 'scrum-diddily-iddily-umptious' and all abbriviations (i.e. scrum, scrum-diddily, scrumful, umptious, etc.). She also made up my favorite quote, which is, "Fanfiction is not a hobby, nor an obbsession. It is a way of life." She has a Diaryland diary (but she's asked me to remove the link here, 'cause she's put a lock on it), and a LiveJournal.

Cat is totally clueless about the internet. Just thought I'd mention that...Anyhoo, she just got an adorable new German Shepard puppy named Tucker. She's so cute!!! (Tucker, I mean) [Cat's] super super good at drawing. She's got her own cool style, that's not quite realistic, not quite anime, not quite cartoon. I can't really describe it any way other than 'cool'. She has a LiveJournal and a account (Her writing is really good. Believe me, I'm her editor.)

Green Gummi Baer Named Brit is disputably the one of us with the most claim to having no life. When she's actually home (she's been on vacation most of the summer), she spends nearly all her time eating, sleeping, or on the computer (of course, I'm probably not one to talk...). She has two adorable cats, Fey and Xander, which I adore. She holds the rights to the very amusing 'Brit's Wacko Quote-O-Matic Machine'. She has a account (I'm her editor, too).

Time for dinner (yeah, I'm not the only one with a whacked internal clock, my family's pretty odd, too). To be continued...


Tags: insomnia, old code names make me laugh, things have changed for me, ♥ the study group

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