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  • Mood:'s my busy weekend/half-week thing...

Alright, purple-eyed creatures, here's my super busy past five days:


Had a relatively normal, if not busy, day at school. Midnight, Aviria, and I went to HarMar after school, but first detoured past GG's house to drop our bags. At HarMar, we did the usual...Hung out in Barnes and Nobel (Midnight goes crazy when we don't stop there so she can buy something!)...Grabbed some snacks at Cub, before seeing a movie...Saw "Mean Girls" (which was pretty good, by the way)...Hung around at Barnes and Nobel a little more...Went back to GG's house, and (after some convincing) got our parents to agree to our plans for the rest of Friday and Saturday. Avi's mom gave us a ride to the MM carnival, where we hung out for about an hour. Then my mom drove us back to M's house, where watched some TV then slept over.


Woke up at 8 AM (>.<). Had breakfast, then I got picked up early to go to some interviews. Went and interviewed two old people for my Bat Mitzvah project (The last two! Hallelujah!). Came back to my house, where people were already gathering for Study Group. Finished science in record time, and hung out in my room. Then people went home, and I...umm...blanking on what I did Saturday night...I think I just read TIN or something...


HISTORY DAY. It went from 8 AM 'till 4 PM. GG and I hung around, showed our project twice, ate stuff, and hung out with Jess, Marie, and Hannah (those who were at Jess's last birthday know Hannah, and Mary-L probably knows Marie). After History Day, I went home and crashed. I slept for 14 hours. Straight.


Woke up with the same splitting headache I had had the night before. Stayed home from school. Lounged around, and finished my Geography homework. And played on the computer. That's about all.


Stayed home from school again. Lounged around some more, read some more TIN, and finished my Geography map. Oh, and I went to the doctor for a throat culture. She thinks I might have Strep. Came home, and lounged around more. Dad came home, which was cool (he was on a buisness trip). Now I'm typing this.

So...interesting huh? (NOT)

Welp, bye purple-eyed creatures.


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